Simms pt. 2, Big Willie, and Ocho Cinco

September 03, 2008 |

Well today we got one answer to the Ravens quarterback questions, and that is that Kyle Boller is done for the year and likely as a Raven. What has been known for a little while was made official today when it was announced that Kyle would not play this season due to an injury to his shoulder.
Here are some other notes from today:
Hope a lot of fans are not going to M&T Bank Stadium on Sunday to see Kelly Gregg, Willis McGahee, Chris McAlister, or Ed Reed. The outlook for those guys is not very promising for Sunday’s game.
The Ravens announced that Todd Bouman was officially apart of the team today. I still wonder how this will play out next week as I think there is still a chance that they could add yet another quarterback to the roster.
Chad Johnson was entertaining as always. You have to go to the audio vault and listen to Ocho Cinco talk about Bart Scott and Dawan Landry. He had a harsh remark as it relates to Dawan. I talked to Dawan about what Chad said, and he just sort of laughed. Trust me it is must listen to stuff. Also goes into detail about how Ray Lewis talked him into going back to the Bengals and being quiet.
Casey Bramlet is very likely to be added to the Ravens roster for Sunday’s game. There is no way that they can go into the game with Flacco, and Bouman. Bramlet has a better working knowledge of the offense and would be the next guy in if Flacco got hurt.
Todd Heap told us today that he is healthy and looking forward to getting back onto the field on Sunday and playing.

The drama and revolving door that is the Ravens quarterback situation is getting a little bit more interesting today. There is a rumor that Chris Simms might be coming back to Baltimore. Now the Ravens have not confirmed that Todd Bouman has signed with the team. In the last 24 hours there have been reports that Joey Harrington, Chris Simms, and Todd Bouman have all signed with the team.

Here are some scenarios that I could see playing out to Simms possibly coming back:
Maybe the Ravens have learned more about Troy Smith and his health and feel that they need a quicker solution at the quarterback position.
Simms could have asked the Ravens to give him a day to think about the offer and has come back to them
Maybe the Ravens have learned more about Troy Smith and his illness and there is a reason for concern for him.
Maybe Chris Simms is not coming at all. At this point who knows?
There was a report yesterday that Willie Anderson could be coming to Baltimore to visit. Now yesterday the Ravens had a team photo and had a team luncheon, so maybe noone was hear to see Anderson and that he might be coming for a visit soon.
Time to go listen to Ocho Cinco(Chad Johnson) on a conference call. He is always the highlight of the year.