Stay or leave: Forecasting the Ravens’ 2014 class of free agents

March 04, 2014 | Luke Jones

These players have two or fewer accrued seasons in the league and own no negotiating rights. In order for the Ravens to retain the rights to these players, they must tender contracts at the league minimum based on their respective service times in the NFL. Though not certain, the Ravens generally tender all exclusive-rights players since their contracts are not guaranteed for the 2014 season.

S Omar Brown: STAYS
Skinny: Not blessed with great speed, Brown has stuck around primarily on the practice squad over the last two seasons and has solid ball skills as a backup safety.

LB D.J. Bryant: STAYS
Skinny: The former Randallstown standout impressed last summer before a season-ending knee injury in the preseason finale and will be fighting to make the 53-man roster this summer.

LB Josh Bynes: STAYS
Skinny: Largely a forgotten man once McClain returned to action last October, Bynes is better than many give him credit for and should remain as the Ravens’ top backup inside linebacker in 2014.

LB Adrian Hamilton: STAYS
Skinny: A wrist injury allowed Hamilton to spend 2013 on injured reserve and many in the organization like his potential as a pass-rush specialist, but it’s time for the Prairie View A&M product to show what he can do.

S Anthony Levine: STAYS
Skinny: A regular special-teams player last season, Levine will once again contend for a spot on the 53-man roster but hasn’t shown much ability as a defensive player.

S Brynden Trawick: STAYS
Skinny: A feel-good story of the 2013 preseason, Trawick committed the gaffe in the season opener that caused Jacoby Jones’ knee injury but still figures to have a solid chance to make the 53-man roster this summer.

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  1. joe of bel air Says:

    Can’t say I disagree with any of your predictions Luke. Quick question. With the Ravens being $25 million under the cap how active do you think they will be in free agency. Specifically, do you see them making a big splash with anyone? Thanks

    (L.J. — Tough to predict them making a “big splash” — it’s just not their style and not entirely sure who would even be that target — but I would anticipate them being more active in free agency than they are most years. To maximize improvement this offseason, it’d really benefit to hit on a few 80-20 guys, meaning 80 percent of the production at 20 percent of the cost. That would also help keep them in ideal cap shape for the next few years.)

  2. Chris Says:

    I only disagree with the Jacoby jones comments. You stated that there were a lack of receivers scheduled to hit the open market. I’ve read there are around 50 receivers due to become free agents as well as the draft having a huge crop of potential receivers. The ravens may not want him back (unless for the vet minimum) but he’s not going to command a contract bigger than $2 Million per year.

    (L.J. — I meant to say quality receivers hitting the open market, but your point is taken. I still wouldn’t be shocked to see a team throw too much money at him based on his speed and return ability and thinking they can get more out of him as a receiver.)

  3. unitastoberry Says:

    I hope Arthur Jones stays out of our division. I think if he stays injury free he could end up all pro at some point. He keeps getting better. Shame to lose this guy if it happens.

    (L.J. — The Ravens love him but seemed resigned to losing him at the end of the season. He’s certainly gotten the most out of his ability.)

  4. joe of bel air Says:

    Hey Luke, what impact does the D Qwell Jackson signing have on the Ravens’ ability to re-sign Daryl Smith. I am sure Smith’s agent will argue that he deserves a similar contract to what the Colts gave Jackson. Do you think Ozzie will throw that kind of $ at a 32 year old linebacker.

    (L.J. — It certainly doesn’t help, but that’s why I think they’d like to get something done with him before Tuesday. I like Smith, but anywhere close to $11 million guaranteed for him would be a mistake. I’ve always thought a deal slightly north of the Jameel McClain deal from a couple years ago — three years, $10.5 million — would be a reasonable offer. He was good last season, but I’m not throwing big money his way. He’s good in pass coverage but was extremely average against the run last year.)

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