Stop worrying about what everyone is saying…

January 12, 2009 | Drew Forrester

Consider this “A Beginner’s Guide to dealing with critics”.

My second call on today’s edition of The Comcast Morning Show was from someone who wanted to talk about how the TV announcing team (Gumbel and Dierdorf) kept talking about the Titans and their bad luck on Saturday…while not giving the Ravens any credit.

Who cares?

I took another couple of e-mails early on from folks who were upset at things Bill Cowher said about the Ravens “run” during the Steelers/Chargers pre-game show on Sunday.

Who cares?

Seriously, why are we SO consumed with what the national media and broadcast teams say about the Ravens? 

We’re going to Pittsburgh.  Period.

A bunch of black and gold fans have reached out to me via e-mail to chide me about “the way” the Ravens won in Tennessee on Saturday.

“You guys wouldn’t have won if Chris Johnson would have played the whole game.”

You’re probably right about that.

“If you don’t get that play-clock call, you guys don’t win.”

You might be right about that, also.

But guess what, guys?  None of that matters.

It doesn’t matter what Greg Gumbel says.  It doesn’t matter what Bill Cowher thinks.  And it doesn’t matter that we MIGHT have lost if Chris Johnson would have played.

We’re going to Pittsburgh.

So, let’s stop bellyaching about what the media is saying or writing about us.

Let’s not worry about what everyone is saying about HOW we won on Saturday.

30 years from now when my boy Ethan is sitting around the fireplace talking to his two kids about the Ravens and their Super Bowl season of 2008, I can’t imagine he’s going to say, “You know, when we won the championship in ’08 the best player from the Titans didn’t play the second half.” 

Instead, he’ll just say, “The Ravens won the Super Bowl in ’08 with a rookie quarterback, a Hall of Fame linebacker and a rookie coach who put together a great staff.”

I doubt he’ll mention Chris Johnson or Joe Flacco’s play-clock violation.

It doesn’t matter.  Well, it matters in Tennessee. 

But, we’re in Baltimore.

And, we’re going to Pittsburgh.

So, let them say and write whatever they want all week.  Just agree with them, it’s easier that way.

We’re on our way to Tampa, with a quick stop-over in Pittsburgh.

Nothing anyone says can change that.