Suggs hasn’t even visited Bourbon Street this week

January 31, 2013 | WNST Staff


(on how this week has been different than normal) “It’s pretty much business as usual even though we’re on the big stage for the Super Bowl. We’re going about with our normal routine, business as usual.”


(on if the team has been having fun this week) “We always are going to have fun. We’re always going to be us. We have fun at practice. Everybody has just been enjoying ourselves, but not getting too far off the path and making sure we’re here for a football game.”


(on if he has been down Bourbon Street) “I haven’t been there yet. My mom and dad got here today so they may want to go. I may go early just to walk with them and spend some time with my mom and dad. Nothing late though. I’m still going with my normal routine.”


(on who the under-the-radar MVP would be for the Ravens if they win) “Sam Koch. I’d say our punter, Sam Koch, or one of our kickers, Justin Tucker just because they’re the most consistent people. You know what, strike that, the “Secret Service,” the offensive line, most definitely. Last week we reversed it. We got to be the offensive linemen for the one-on-one pass-rush drill and they got to pass-rush against us. We got to block them. Even if you do a good job, no one ever knows.”


(on which 49ers player is the biggest threat) “All of them. They’re whole team is the biggest threat. I can’t give you one in particular. They’re all pretty good.”


(on which song Beyoncé should open with for the halftime show) “I don’t know. I’m a big Beyoncé fan. My favorite is ‘Check Up On It’ or ‘Upgrade You,’ so definitely one of those.”


(on his favorite line from Beyoncé’s “Check Up On It”) “If you got it, flaunt it. Boy, I know you want it.”


(on if Ayanbadejo’s stance on same-sex marriage is a representation of the entire team) “On this team, with so many different personalities, we just accept people for who they are and we don’t really care too much about a player’s sexuality. To each their own. You know who you are, and we accept you for it.”


(on if he would have a problem with a gay teammate) “Absolutely not. We wouldn’t have a problem with it. We don’t care. Our biggest thing in the locker room is to just have fun and stay loose. We don’t really care too much about that. We’re a football team. I said it yesterday; everybody deserves a certain amount of privacy. Who cares? Whatever a person’s choice is, it’s their choice.”


(on if this week has met expectations) “No it hasn’t been everything I thought it would be. I thought I would be able to enjoy it, but I’m kind of nonchalant (about) the whole thing. I thought I would be like, ‘Oh snap,’ a little more breathtaking, but I’m here to work. When you’re on the outside looking in, you enjoy all the festivities and you’re having a lot more fun and a lot more energy. I can’t take my eyes off what I’m really here for. I spend a lot of time in my room studying. I’ve been here four days and I still haven’t been to Bourbon Street yet. My mom and dad got here today with my brothers so I’m going to try and be out there with them, but it probably won’t happen until Friday. I wish I would be able to enjoy it more, but I’m still here to work.”


(on what player safety means to the NFL) “Especially with me being a defender, we don’t want anyone to get hurt. We know the game we play is a dangerous and physical game, but in the same breath, we know what we signed up for. We know this is a contact sport. I’m not talking about the concussion rules and things of that nature. I’m talking about the player’s safety; if you want to eliminate hits to the knees on certain positions, you have to eliminate it on all positions for the simple fact that my knees are just as valuable as somebody else’s, especially quarterbacks. That’s my biggest deal. If they’re going to make the rules, make the rules safe for everybody.


(on the effect of the long wait to gametime on Sunday) “I don’t think it’s going to have any effect on us. It just gives us more time to prepare and get ready.”


(on pacing himself until the game) “When it’s on, it’s on. We can’t play the game before the ball is kicked off. We’re not going to get involved with the circus. That’s pretty much for the fans and all the media. They (team officials) haven’t talked to us about it yet. We’re a veteran team.”


(on why he chose Arizona State) “It was just a hometown team and my dad was really big on watching me play. I originally was going to commit and go to Florida State, but the night before my announcement my family and I decided I would go to Arizona State.”


(on the week leading up to the Super Bowl) “It’s been a circus, but we haven’t strayed off the path one bit. We’ve still kept our eyes on the goal. We know we’re here to play a football game. All of this excitement is pretty much for television and media. We’re just doing our part right now, but we’re preparing for Sunday.”