Suggs says 10 year journey to Super Bowl “priceless”

January 30, 2013 | WNST Staff



(on Ray Lewis and Patrick Willis) “They’re both great man. ‘The Great Mufasa,’ we can’t get enough words about him. He probably is a shoe-in first-ballot Hall of Famer. I’m just glad I had the opportunity to play in the last game with him and it’s the biggest game in the world. I’m a big fan of their linebacker too. He knows that.”


(on his journey with the Ravens to the Super Bowl) “Well you know, it’s been a long one. You know what I mean? It’s been a long 10 years, but I’ve been fortunate, you know what I mean, to have some success. I can’t really say. It’s all been priceless man. We’ve came close a few times, but to actually get here, it’s very surreal. I’m really appreciating it. I’m going to enjoy this week and I’m going to take my time getting to Sunday.”


(on the turning point in the Ravens season) “I don’t know. It would probably be Ray’s (Lewis) announcement. You know what I mean? We all focused ourselves and you know, the reality set in that we’re not all going to play forever. We always say about (how) the window of opportunity is closing. That kind of got everybody’s mind right to go on a run.”


(on the challenge of stopping a unique offense) “I don’t know. I guess we’ll have to find out and see on Sunday. We don’t have a plan for it. Get to the ball.”


(on having two weeks off after the AFC Championship Game) “I think it’d be good. You get to heal your body. You get to really study your opponent, that way you can give the fans in the world the best game possible between the two teams.”


(on his food leading up to the Super Bowl) “I can’t answer that. I’m going to try a little jambalaya. I’m going to try some gumbo. It’s not normally what I eat, but if you’re in New Orleans you have to so I’m going to try.”


(on being selected by the Ravens and not the Cardinals) “I was disappointed because I did want to play at home, but it worked out better for everybody.”


(on the Cardinals trading away their draft selection to the Ravens) “We had a hint that they might do it, but I was thinking that they wouldn’t. I wasn’t surprised, but like I said, it was a rumor that they might do it so it didn’t catch me all off-guard. I was disappointed when they did, but like I said, that was 10 years ago and it all worked out for the best now.”


(on which teammate has the weirdest pre-game routine and why) “Brandon Ayanbadejo, easy. I’m not sure if this is camera-ready. It involves massage-coconut oil or something and he stands in the middle of the locker room in his boy shorts or boxer briefs, I don’t know what they are and he oils himself down.”


(on what him and his teammates do during Ayanbadejo’s routine) “We try not to look. If you’re going to the trainer or you just happen to bypass, it’s kind of uncomfortable, but he’s been doing it for four years now, but I don’t want to stay we got used it.”


(on his pre-game routine) “I don’t know man. I just eat eggs and bacon in the morning. I just kind of go. I just gradually get myself ready. I don’t have any; no Vaseline. I don’t have any rituals. I just get ready and go to the game and ride down and listen to my music.”


(on where he will go on vacation if they win) “Ball So Hard University. I will go there first; go to my alma mater. Then I will go to Hogwarts. We stop at Hogwarts and then I will take my lovely family to the lost city of Atlantis.”







Super Bowl XLVII – Tuesday, January 29, 2013







(on what makes this team capable of winning the Super Bowl) “Because we’ve been there before. You know, all the tough games with a lot of great teams and a lot of the time we’ve been on the short-end of those teams. I guess you learn from your mistakes. Good teams don’t make the same mistake twice. We’re on the other end of the coin this time.”


(on how the Ravens have responded from losing in the AFC Championship last season) “Well, our immediate response was (that) we’re going to work hard to get right back to this point, but that was easier said than done, you know, especially with the injuries we’ve all sustained this year. We took the hard way back, you know, getting back here. We got back, you know, we got it done.”


(on what he remembers from the last time he faced Joe Staley) “I don’t know. Staley, I think he’s a guy like me, you know what I mean? He likes to have fun when he plays and that’s how I like to play. The last time we played each other, when a play was going on we were serious; in between plays we would kind of just (be) chopping it up, having fun.”


(on how often Staley gets help from other linemen) “Not that often. He didn’t get that much. He handles his own pretty well. He did pretty good.”


(on using techniques in Super Bowl XLVII from the last time he faced Staley) “You can always learn and educate yourself whenever you go up against a guy or against a certain team, but you know, do I think he had a weakness? No. Something like, no, I don’t think so. You just have to play football.”


(on defeating the Patriots in the AFC Championship) “It was a good win, you know what I mean, especially going to there, they expected two teams. Throughout the course of the year, Houston emerged, Denver emerged, and Cincinnati played some good football and Indy (Indianapolis Colts) with Chuck (Pagano). When everybody saw that these two teams were in, everybody was really, alright, it’s a heavyweight fight, you know what I mean? The rematch, you know what I mean? They wanted to see the two teams play each other, especially the way last year ended. It was good to win the game and you want to play a worthy opponent and we did that beating the defending AFC champs from last year.”


(on what Joe Flacco means to the team) “We always knew Joe, you know, had the ability to be what he is now. It’s like the only one surprised is all of y’all. Y’all see me arguing with Skip (Bayless). Shout out to Skip Bayless though, anyway, my ‘frienemy.’ Y’all see me arguing with him and I have to tell him, my quarterback is a top-five quarterback. He was like, ‘Yeah right,’ but we always knew Joe had the ability. Not only to make the big play, but win the big game, you know and he did. My mentor told me, ‘You will learn more in failure than you ever would in success. We’ve been down that road a couple times. We lost to our division rivals once and then we lost last year to the Patriots. That was an experience for us, you know what I mean. When we got back to those games we capitalized.”


(on whether or not Joe Flacco will play well in the Super Bowl) “We’ll have to wait and see Sunday, but I know which one is going to show up. Like I said, I’ll let y’all be surprised. It’s not news if y’all aren’t surprised.”