T. Smith feeling more confident with every game

January 31, 2013 | WNST Staff


(on the season) “It’s a fun one. We are where we wanted to be, so you can’t really complain. Regardless of what’s been thrown in, that’s life. We were able to overcome everything and I think that’s a credit to our team.”


(on how often he runs go routes) “It all depends. It’s not like they say, ‘Hey Torrey, just run straight down the field all the time. Some of it is scheme-wise to open other guys up. Against certain coverages, I have certain responsibilities. We do attack vertically. That’s a strength of ours, and I’m one of the guys that they definitely use to do that.”


(on whether it requires patience to come up with big plays) “No, big plays are only 15 or 20 of my catches. I had 50, so, the other catches weren’t all bombs. We do a little bit of everything. I run all the routes. Big plays are obviously a little harder to come by.”


(on whether he thinks there are big-play opportunities against the 49ers) “I think we can get big plays against any defense we play. You just have to go out there and do it. They’re professionals just like we are. They’re a great secondary, and they have playmakers. They have made a lot of plays this year. It is definitely going to be a tough challenge, but it’s one-on-one battles. If we go out there and play our game, we’ll be fine.”


(on whether he can be a No. 1 receiver) “I think I can play ball. I can run all the routes and that’s what a receiver needs to do. I can make all the catches and I’m very confident I can do that. I’ve proved I can do that. In regards to what people think about me in terms of pre-draft, it doesn’t really matter. I’m playing well in the NFL.”


(on how Anquan Boldin has helped him) “Anquan has helped me out a lot. He’s been a great mentor both on and off the field. I’m thankful to be paired up with him.”


(on what it means to him personally to make it to the Super Bowl) “It means a lot. We worked to get here. It’s not about me personally at all. It’s all about our team and that was our goal during the offseason – to work maybe to the Super Bowl and win it. We’re one game away and we have the opportunity to do that. We have the opportunity to do that. We’re thankful to be here, but at the end of the day, we’re here to win a football game. If we don’t win, none of it really matters.”


(on where Joe Flacco ranks among the NFL’s quarterbacks) “I think he’s a great quarterback. I’m not really one for all the rankings and stuff. I think that if you want to talk about winning, Joe gets it done. He’s also on a team that he’s the Super Bowl quarterback. We’re in the Super Bowl. All we have to do is go out there and win it and he’ll have that on his resume. I think he’s playing well and people are finally starting to respect him. But, everything he’s doing, we’ve already seen him do.”


(on Joe Flacco’s arm) “I think he can make every throw. I think that is his best asset. There are a lot of great quarterbacks in the league, but not every quarterback can make every throw. It’s rare and he’s one of those guys.”


(on his favorite team growing up) “I never had a team. I had favorite players. I played quarterback, so my favorite quarterback growing up was Mike Vick. I’m a big Randy Moss fan, Jerry Rice, Barry Sanders – there were a lot of players. I’d definitely say Vick and my favorite receiver was Randy Moss.”


(on bandwagon fans) “It comes with the territory. I think the best part about it is that the two local teams, us and the Redskins, we’re in two different conferences. If we weren’t in it and the Redskins were still in it, folks would want them to do well. I’m glad that folks are supporting us as well.”






Super Bowl XLVII – Thursday, January 31, 2013








(on Vernon Davis’ career at Maryland) “There is nobody that’s been able to do what he’s done (at Maryland). He was drafted high, he played well at tight end and he’s a freak. There weren’t too many guys like him.”


(on whether Vernon Davis had a better college career than he did) “I mean, I think – who had better numbers? We both left after three years. He played more than I did as a freshman. I played receiver, so it’s kind of hard to compare and contrast. But, there is no tight end that was like Vernon. There is no tight end that’s been like Vernon athletically. He’s a rare talent.”


(on whether he thinks about the big plays wide receivers have made in recent Super Bowls) “I just think about going out there and playing my game. Making plays is a part of that. I do imagine myself making plays and that’s the same way I approach any game. I feel like you have to see it, you have to visualize it for it to happen. More importantly, you have to go out there and do it. I’m looking forward to the challenge this weekend.”


(on visualizing big plays) “You just think about what it’d be like, what you have to do to get open, what you have to do to make the catch – look the ball all the way in. I definitely do that. I’m a big visual guy. I kind of took that from Michael Jordan. I remember reading that one time that he was a huge visual guy. I think it helps.”


(on whether he likes pressure) “I love pressure situations. That’s when the best come out. Folks who love competition, folks who are competitors, the cream rises to the top.”