The Five Plays That Determined The Game: Ravens/Bengals

December 31, 2013 | Glenn Clark

Ryan Chell’s Plays…

5. Dre Kirkpatrick returns Joe Flacco interception for touchdown (4th quarter)

I think the game was out of reach anyway by this point, but with their late heroics over the last couple weeks, this was the nail in the coffin.

4. Joe Flacco pass intended for Marlon Brown ruled incomplete via review (1st quarter)

Ravens missed their opportunity to set up a goal line situation and go up 7-0. 

3. Giovani Bernard 27 yard catch from Joe Flacco (4th quarter)

Big play at midfield that came off a screen pass. 

2. Joe Flacco deep pass intended for Jacoby Jones incomplete on 3rd & 10 (4th quarter)

Flacco ALMOST completed this pass to Jacoby Jones deep down the field. If he catches it, it’s a 3-point game. 

1. Chris Crocker intercepts Joe Flacco pass intended for Torrey Smith after Michael Johnson tip (4th quarter)

After the Bengals scored to make it 24-17, the Ravens missed their chance to fire right back. 

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