The Five Plays That Determined The Game – Ravens & Patriots

January 24, 2012 | Glenn Clark

Tom Brady

Ryan Chell’s Plays…

5. Cary Williams interception of Tom Brady nullified by Terrell Suggs offsides penalty (3rd quarter)

4. Joe Flacco pass intended for Dennis Pitta incomplete (4th quater)

3. Sterling Moore breaks up Joe Flacco pass intended for Lee Evans (4th quarter)

2. Billy Cundiff misses 32 yard field goal (4th quarter)

1. Tom Brady 1 yard TD run on 4th & goal (4th quarter)

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  1. The "Armchair QB" Says:

    As controversial as this comment will be, it’s my “opinion” that the Ravens erred in not calling time out to give their kicking team time to line up the field goal with composure, rather than rushing it as they did. Belichick’s comments after the game seem to confirm that his decision to let them have to kick under pressure rather than call time was the right one, while Harbaugh’s decision not to call time was….wrong! Teams routinely try to conserve time outs for such cirumstances and the Ravens inexplicably failed to use theirs! Even Harbaugh has second guessed his decision, so it’s obviously fair for fans to question it as well. What’s also apparently obvious is that Harbaugh has had clock management issues in the past, so this should come as no surprise. Add to that the fact that he was a Special Teams coach for 9 years and probably should have known better! Just one fan’s “opinion”…….

  2. Paco Says:

    I think you guys got this all wrong in a way..I understand these were big plays, but, the outcome of the game was determined before this..these are not necessarily in order..

    5. Flacco under throwing a wide open Torrey Smith on the roll out where he should have stopped, step and throw to reach him in one was around him..easy 7, but we were happy with 40+ yard gain because before that we had nothing on offense as of yet.

    4. Torrey Smith not being able to adjust to run under the ball that Flacco had to put up high and long because he was feeling the pressure..Torrey turned the wrong way and never was able to make catch would should have gone for another TD

    3. Pats fumble kickoff..After Flacco runs for 15 and 1st down at the Pats 10 1/2 yard line and we are winning the game already..we throw a pass in the endzone to a guy who did not catch one pass in the regular season..with Vonta Leach wide open in the flat and plenty of running room..not sure what we did on second down, but on 3rd down we take a sack and settle for field goal..TD would have put us up by two scores..and made it a different game

    2. 3rd and three and in field goal range in 4th quarter we run a delayed handoff to Ray Rice who loses 3 yards and knocks us out of field goal range and then we have to decide to go for it on 4th down and fail…why call a delayed handoff when PATS dee line was giving us pressure all game…?? miss 3 pts here..

    1. two for one here…A. Flacco throws into middle of field after we literally were running for 6 yards a carry with Williams and Rice and driving and eating up clock..we were pounding why throw in the middle there?? B. we were driving on last series and Anquan Boldin was lighting it up getting us all the catches..We get 1st down inside the 20 and we run three plays and none of them go back to Boldin to try and make a TD…Went to Evans, Pitta who got mugged instead..where was Boldin in those last plays??

    Not one play lost the game, it was a should not have been that close the way I saw it..we beat them in most facets of the game except scoreboard..and this is why they play the full 60 minutes..
    what a great game..feel bad for the veterans, but hopefully the younger guys will learn from it and get the burning desire to seek more in the years to come..
    Enjoy you site !

  3. FRANCHISE Says:


    You nailed it 1-5 above….All plays prior to Evans and Cundiff failures….

    Are you available to interview for the OC position with Hue Jackson?


    Ozzie Newsome and Eric DeCosta for Steve Bisciotti

  4. Dan Says:

    Paco, yes, you nailed it. Especally number 5 . That’s a Joe signature throw to an open receiver , either over throws it, or they have
    to slow down and wait for the ball (and the defender)

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