The Minnesota Druggies… I mean Vikings

May 27, 2010 | John West

As with most legal items, my primary source of information is from Boston Legal and Law & Order.  Please don’t get me started on Denny Crane or Alan Shore.  I am in love with those characters and miss them everyday.

However, there is some legal news that needs to be discussed about the NFL.  There are 3 items.  I cannot get a grip on any three of them, but I will discuss the easiest one today.

The three items are

  1. the impending lockout of the players by the owners.
  2. the US Supreme Court ruling that the NFL is not one entity, but rather 32 separate businesses.
  3. the State of Minnesota and the NFL drug policy

At the end of the 2008 NFL season, the 2 massive all-pro starting interior lineman for the Vikings failed a random drug test.  They had a drug in their system that is on the banned drug list.  The drug in question is a steroid masking drug.  For a first time offense, the NFL has an immediate 4 game suspension policy.

As it turns out, 31 teams in the NFL have that policy, and Minnesota Vikings do not, and it isn’t the Vikings’ fault.

The players appealed and they were able to play every game, ever since.  They have not served one game of their 4 game suspensions.

I cannot fully understand what is happening legally.  It has something to do with the State of Minnesota and a right to work state and not letting an employee the chance to earn a wage, and fairness, blah blah blah.

Bottom line, either the NFL has a policy for all of its teams, or it doesn’t.  This is such a HUGE competitive advantage for the Vikings in a very competitive market.  They could literally try to persuade NFL players to come to their team and they would be free to take a banned substance.  THIS IS A FACT!!  These 2 NFL players were found to have a banned substance in their body.  This is a fact.  They have not, nor does it look like, they will ever be suspended.   Found Guilty, No Penalty.  If they were one any other team, they would have missed their 4 games.  Not only that, how many more drugs on the banned list have they taken, in order to gain an advantage?  Who knows?  I do know that it is in serious question, and it cannot be answered.  That’s not fair.