The Ray Lewis dance

March 15, 2008 |

Something that is always a topic of discussion for the Ravens is whether Ray Lewis is dancing or not or if he should dance or not. I know the Ravens got away from it more this year than in the past and wanted to do more of a team unity thing by coming out of the tunnel together.
There are and have been guys in the past that played on the Ravens that do not care too much for Ray’s dance, while others would lobby for Billick to let Ray dance. There was a feeling among some players that Ray should have stopped it after Terrell Owens mocked it in that Eagles – Ravens game. I was at Lincoln Financial Field that afternoon and that will be one of the moments in sports that is etched in my mind was watching people in the press box’s reaction to T.O. doing the Ray dance. Kevin Millar even tried to pull it off when being introduced during Orioles opening day.
So here is my question to you. If John Harbaugh and the Ravens took an informal poll as to whether you the fans want to see Ray do his dance every Sunday during home games or not, what would you say?