“The Reality Check” Week 2 NFL Power Rankings

September 11, 2013 | Glenn Clark

16. Cincinnati Bengals (9)

I probably dropped them much too far. They’ll have a chance to prove me wrong.

15. New York Giants (10)

There’s nothing wrong with losing at Dallas, but 0-2 doesn’t seem unlikely.

14. Kansas City Chiefs (15)

Dallas-KC looks like one of the better matchups in Week 2.

13. Chicago Bears (17)

So far, so good.

12. Dallas Cowboys (16)

Your neighborhood Cowboys fan was probably at their most insufferably cutest this week.

11. Indianapolis Colts (13)

I mean, they barely beat the Raiders, so.

10. Baltimore Ravens (6)

They’ll be back. I think.

9. Atlanta Falcons (7)

They’ll be back. I assure you.

8. Philadelphia Eagles (21)

I’m almost certainly giving them too much credit.

7. New Orleans Saints (11)

And now they get to a play a team that lost to the Jets!

6. New England Patriots (8)

(*Crosses fingers that he was awarded Julian Edelman via waivers.)

5. Green Bay Packers (1)

Either the Redskins or the Packers will start the season 0-2. Or both will start 0-1-1 because for some stupid reason ties in the NFL are a thing.

4. Houston Texans (4)

In a game that just ended…

3. Seattle Seahawks (2)

Probably don’t deserve to drop a spot after winning a game at 1pm on the East Coast, but Russell Wilson didn’t throw for 7TD’s.

2. Denver Broncos (5)

Julius Thomas looked like David Banner.

You get it?

1. San Francisco 49ers (3)

Like Ric Flair said, “to be the top team in Glenn’s power rankings, you have to beat the team that was tops in Glenn’s power rankings.” Ric Flair said that. Or Jesus.

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