“The Reality Check” Week 8 NFL Power Rankings

October 23, 2013 | Glenn Clark

16. Miami Dolphins (16)

They were 3-0 once. I swear.

15. Chicago Bears (11)

I mean, Erik Kramer is available. Right? He’s not dead, right?

14. Baltimore Ravens (12)

Maybe not even deserving of being this high.

13. Detroit Lions (10)

If they’re going to make the postseason they can’t lose games like that.

12. New York Jets (20)

I mean…what the hell?

11. Dallas Cowboys (15)

Are they really in on the Adrian Peterson market? Really?

10. San Diego Chargers (14)

Back to back bye weeks.

9. New England Patriots (4)

I kinda miss when we’d sit around and wonder if this would be the week Gronk would return.

8. Green Bay Packers (9)

So half of my Super Bowl prediction could still happen?

7. Cincinnati Bengals (8)

Clinched by Thanksgiving?

6. San Francisco 49ers (7)

No team has beaten the Jaguars by fewer than 10 points this year. That doesn’t change.

5. New Orleans Saints (5)

Please play Jimmy Graham. Please.

4. Denver Broncos (1)

They’ll be back at the top soon.

3. Indianapolis Colts (6)

But no one has a better resume.

2. Kansas City Chiefs (2)

Not doing it.

1. Seattle Seahawks (3)

They’ve lost a game? Yeah, I know.

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