The Steelers saga provides lots of e-mail from “dahn-tahn”

March 31, 2010 | Drew Forrester

Three days of blog comments and e-mails warrants a “best-of” mailbag blog, don’t you think?

Here’s what “yinz dahn-tahn” had to say over the last few days.  A substantial portion of the e-mails (and blog comments) contained foul language, which I’ve edited here for the sake of those who might be offended by idiots who can’t make a sensible contribution without having ME do the clean-up work for them.

Enjoy these e-mails.  It’s been a wild three days, as you’ll see.

Debbie sent me this beauty:

You should be ashamed of yourself.  I guess you don’t understand how many people in Harford County tune in to your stupid radio show every morning but alot (sic) of them do.  And all you had to do was just not trash the Steelers or NHHS on Monday morning and everything would have been ok but no, you had to go the other way and be an a**hole about the whole thing.  Now you have kids at school arguing amongst themselves and parents explaining to their kids why it was a good thing not a bad thing to have the Steelers there.

My reply:  Debbie, if you think I was going to go on the radio Monday morning and say, “Hey, the Steelers showed up in Harford County on Sunday and had a great afternoon marketing their brand in the Ravens market.  It sure was great to have the Steelers in town.” — you’re crazy.  The ONLY direction I could go with this was the direction I took.  The Steelers had NO business in Harford County on Sunday.  None.  Thanks for the note. Sorry I wasn’t able to support the Steelers invading Harford County on Sunday.

Then along came Mark, who offered this:

You and Glen (sic) and Nester (sic) should just suck it up and admit you were wrong and apologize for creating such a stir over something that wasn’t even a story.  You don’t have anything else to talk about on your show so you decided to try and make this into some kind of major news story.  How come nobody else in Baltimore talked about this?  Nobody else anywhere made this into a major news story but you guys.  Why is that?

My reply:  Mark, You must not read the Aegis.  It’s been front page news there, along with color photos and everything.  Let me know what they say after you e-mail them and complain about how they made the Steelers appearance into a major news story.  Oh, that’s right.  They made it into a news story because they’re Steelers fans.  Thanks for the note.

Linda sent me about 8 e-mails.  Here’s one of them:

My son attends North Harford and at first, I wasn’t that shocked to hear you and your station were upset with the Steelers appearing at the school. I know you had Ken Brinkman on your show and from people I talked to you they said you were pretty decent to him.  But I tuned in on Tuesday morning and listened for about 90 minutes and I must say you and your cohost were taking this thing to the utmost extreme.  I guess you need ratings and all but did you really have to do an entire 3-hour show on this?  Why be so extreme?  Don’t you think about the kids at NH and how they might be hurt hearing you and your cohost slam the school and the administrators?  And what was the point of having the County Executive on your show?  It sounded to me like you were trying to get someone at NH in trouble.  It just seemed like you wanted to beat a dead horse all day and make your point by continuing to slam the school.

My reply:  Linda, I feel like I’m in a time warp.  I answered three of your e-mails yesterday (Monday)  and now you’re back.  Let me explain something to you.  You’re right, we WERE extreme in our coverage of the North Harford/Steelers story.  Last week, the entire national media was EXTREME in their coverage of the health bill that passed.  Since the end of November, every tabloid and media entity in America has been EXTREME in their coverage of the Tiger Woods scandal.  The Super Bowl has 6 hours of coverage and that’s BEFORE the game kicks-off.  Isn’t that EXTREME?  The recent issues with Toyota?  Covered to the EXTREME.  Steroids in baseball?  Covered to the EXTREME.  That’s what happens when a story comes along that deserves scrutiny and explanation.  The Steelers showing up and being celebrated in Harford County is EXTREMELY disappointing.  It’s EXTREMELY wrong.  Does any of that make sense?  We’re a country that does things in extreme.  Celebrities dress in EXTREME ways.  Turn on a TV commercial tonight and it’s going to feature an attractive girl with her breasts hanging out or a handsome male with his shirt unbuttoned.  Every car commercial has the vehicle being driven at 120 miles an hour with a little note at the bottom that says, “The persons featured in this commercial are professional drivers.  We do not suggest you operate your vehicle in this manner.”  It’s ALL extreme. Yes, I was EXTREME covering this fiasco at North Harford because the Steelers shouldn’t have been invited.  Period. Thanks for the note (again).

Judy delivered this e-mail to me today:

Drew, I hope you’re happy.  The coach at NHHS is getting threats now.

My reply (expanded for this blog):  Judy, I’m not surprised.  People are crazy.  I never told anyone to threaten the coach.  Hell, I had the coach on the show with me Monday morning and I never threatened him or came across as menacing or angry.  Threatening the coach over this is wrong and I hope the people who do it get caught and are handled accordingly by law enforcement officials.  I can’t believe for one minute you think I’m the reason why the coach is getting threatened.  I’m the only person in town who talked about the Steelers coming to North Harford?  Really?  The Aegis ran a front page article today.  Are you e-mailing them too?  If Ken Brinkman and the folks at NHHS thought they were going to bring the Steelers to their school and NO ONE was going to question that, they’re living in fantasy land.  Thanks for the note.

Kitty thinks Glenn and I should resign immediately:

If you two jack*sses are allowed to work at that station anymore, something’s wrong.  I think you both should step down immediately and offer an apology to Ken Brinkman and David Craig and the other people at North Harford you offended.

My reply:  Kitty, I think that apology idea is a good one.  Get the folks at North Harford to apologize for bringing the Steelers into the Ravens’ market and I’ll have Glenn apologize for everything he said.  Thanks for the note.

Susan submitted this one:

Just because the Steelers showed up and made a bunch of people happy doesn’t mean you have to try and be a killjoy, Mr. Forrester.  This was a very special day for a lot of people and you and your station should be ashamed for what you’ve done to belittle the efforts of the Steelers and North Harford.  I only listened for one day because people at my place of employment were talking about this on Monday and I can say your show isn’t something I will support in the future.  You’ve lost a potential listener.

My reply:  Susan, you’re a Steelers fan, I assume.  And that’s OK by me.  But because you’re a Steelers fan, I don’t expect you to get it.  And I don’t expect you to understand why I was so disappointed with the folks at North Harford High School.  And because you’re a Steelers fan and you can’t possibly understand MY position, I wouldn’t expect you to listen anymore.  No hard feelings.  Thanks for the note.

John wants to know what, exactly, we want:

I’m confused.  All of this hot air from you and I still don’t know what exactly you want Mr. Brinkman or the fine people at North Harford HS to do about this.  The event at their school has come and gone.  What do you want?  Should someone be terminated or suspended?  Care to enlighten us?

My reply: Sure, John, here’s the deal.  I just want someone at North Harford or the Harford County government to come to grips with the fact that bringing the Steelers into the Ravens market and allowing them to promote their “brand” is potentially harmful to the Ravens organization and shouldn’t be permitted in the future.  That’s it.  I don’t want anyone fired.  I don’t want anyone suspended.  I’m not trying to be a prick like that.  I just want someone – anyone of authority – to admit that bringing the Steelers from Pittsburgh and dropping them off in Harford County for a day like they’re the Globetrotters was WRONG.  That’s all.  Nothing else to say, really.  The Pittsburgh Steelers have ZERO business being paraded around Harford County in the Ravens’ market.  True that.)

Jeff provided the most thought provoking e-mail of the week:

Drew, F**k you you f**king a**hole.  Steelers rule!

My reply:  Jeff, At least you didn’t take four paragraphs to get your point across.  Thanks for that.