This week’s #WNSTSweet16 topic is the absolute “worst”

April 28, 2014 | Glenn Clark

It’s year 16 for us here at WNST and we’re doing everything in our power to make it sweet.

We’ve been thrilled to be your local sports media leader for roughly a decade and a half and we look forward to many more years of the same.

We’re making our 16th year by looking over some of the “water cooler” topics that have been debated on the airwaves at WNST, right here at and via social media @WNST on Twitter and on Facebook. We’re then giving definition to those topics with our “#WNSTSweet16” lists.

In fact, we’ve already made it 16 lists into the year. What’s that? You only remember 13 of them by heart? I understand, that’s why I have this refresher here to help you.

(The “Sweet 16″ is driven by our friends at Jerry’s Automotive-Jerry’s Chevrolet & Jerry’s Toyota Scion!)

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There are a few major sporting events coming up in March that we’ll be reflecting here in the #WNSTSweet16, starting with the NFL Draft. That will be our focus for the next two weeks of the #WNSTSweet16 in fact.

The Baltimore Ravens have had a remarkable history in the NFL Draft, starting with drafting two Hall of Famers (Jonathan Ogden and Ray Lewis) with their first ever selections in franchise history back in 1996. In fact, the Ravens’ amazing history of selecting players has lead to a mantra of “In Ozzie (Newsome) we trust” in Charm City.

But not everything the Ravens have done in the Draft has always been flawless.

This week’s topic reflects the misses in the nearly two decades of Ravens history. The list is the #WNSTSweet16 “Worst Draft Picks in Ravens history”.

#1 on the list appears to be locked up quicker than you can say “that quarterback from California…you know, the one that dated Tara Reid”.

It’s not really the top of the list that I’m worried about. The top handful of “busts” will roll of your tongue fairly quickly-including Travis Taylor, Mark Clayton and obviously Sergio Kindle. It’s getting to sixteen that seems to be the greater task for me. Every team misses on picks in mid-to-late rounds of the NFL Draft-it’s hard to consider that group among the worst. So have there been sixteen really bad picks in Ravens Draft history?

In order to get there, I may need to re-consider how I gauge “worst”. There have certainly been picks made early in the NFL Draft by the team that have panned out as starters and/or contributors but who perhaps have not panned out to quite be the star players that perhaps the organization would have hoped they were going to become when they selected them so early in the Draft. A certainly tackle who now plays for the Tennessee Titans comes to mind in this group.

Now who else?

I want your suggestions. Leave them here in the comments or email me via We will be discussing the list throughout the day Monday on AM1570 We’d love to have you Tweet with us or discuss the topic via Facebook by using the hashtag #WNSTSweet16.

On Tuesday morning, I will unveil the “official” list here at and then discuss it with Drew and Luke on “The D&L Window Tinting Morning Reaction” at 8am. I will then re-visit the list at 4pm Tuesday on “The Happy Hours” with Nestor Aparicio.

The Draft conjures mostly positive memories in the minds of Baltimore Ravens fans-but not exclusively. Help us remember those picks that didn’t quite go as well as hoped. Make your voice heard!