Thoughts from Ravens camp

April 18, 2008 |

Here are some of the observations from seeing Coach Harbaugh run a practice for the first time:
          Everything is done with a sense of urgency and purpose to it. The word I heard several times today was tempo.
          The attitude of the offense seems to have changed and there seems to be a feeling of holding up their end of the bargain.
          The rearranging of the lockerroom is interesting. Ray Lewis use to have two lockers, now he has one and the other one is basically boarded up. The lockers that are not in use have boards in them that prevent players from taking over them. Corey Ivy and Sam Koch are now locker mates, several of the veterans still have the same lockers as before.
          Players have been warned about their music being played to loud in the lockerroom and that people will turn the music down.
          TEAM,TEAM,TEAM, is written on a sign right as the players walk out of the lockerroom and head to practice.
          The benches that players use to sit on during practice are now gone and even media are not allowed to sit and watch practice. This is not something a lot of the media do anyway.
          The players practicing in their game fitting jersey’s brings a different look to practice. Interesting to see the players on the field and seeing the name on the back of their jersey.
          With the injury to Quinn Sypniewski, which does not look good at this point, I think the Ravens might look in the second day for a tightend. Todd Heap is coming off of an injury plagued season; Dan Wilcox is still not back on the field yet. It will be a position that the Ravens will have to address.
          All the players were impressed with the way that the veterans have showed up for camp in support of Coach Harbaugh.
          Chris Chester says he has put on weight and is around 305 now and wants to stay around that weight. Chris is going to be given the chance to prove that he can be the starting center for this team.
          Ryan Clady is an impressive looking individual.
          Mike Mayock from the NFL Network was at the Ravens practice today chatting with several members of the Ravens organization.