Torrey Smith says staying in this week no different than any other week

January 29, 2013 | WNST Staff



(on Joe Flacco) “Joe is a playmaker and a great leader.  Although you may not see it, he is vocal.  And he never has any doubts in tight situations.  Believe me, he competes, but he doesn’t like to let it show.  He’s like Jim Brown who always got up slow so they couldn’t tell on which hits he was hurting.  Joe doesn’t want to let anyone see what he’s thinking.”


(more on Flacco) ”He has a huge arm.  He can throw the deep ball, but he also can make every throw on the field.”


(on Jim Caldwell taking over the offensive coordinator’s role) “It’s been good, but I couldn’t pinpoint any one thing.”


(on the Steelers) “It is a very respectful rivalry.  We play hard, but have good relationships off the field.”


(on why the Ravens are here and other teams like the Steelers are not)  “We got hot at the right time.  We kept working and you could see we were having better practices.  That had to show on the field sometime.”


(on partying in New Orleans) “We’re here to prepare for a game.  I go to sleep at 10:30 anyways.  I’m here to play a football game.”


(on who the 49ers remind him of)  “I think they are similar to the Steelers.  Like Pittsburgh, they are very physical.  And they have two guys that get after you, that are real physical in the middle in Patrick Willis and NaVorro Bowman.”


(on Vernon Davis) “He’s one of the greatest Terps.  He’s a great guy and we hang out in the offseason.  We’re not really playing against each other since we’re on the same side of the ball.  And so, either way, the University of Maryland wins.”


(on his nature) “I’m kind of even keel, never get too high, never get too low.  Winning the AFC was just another game, but maybe we celebrated a little more.  I don’t talk much on the field.  Anquan (Boldin) talks enough trash for both of us.”


(on fantasy football) “The fans will let you know about it, especially when you have a bad game.  But I play real football.  Am I a fantasy football star?  According to my Twitter, I’m terrible.”


(on Ray Lewis) “When he started in 1996, I was seven years old.  I had known about him and I played with his brother in college.  I was starstruck when he came to Maryland to see him.  Now, I’m a teammate and I look at him like a brother you can talk to about anything.”


(on Anquan Boldin) “He is the definition of a pro.  Faithful, religious, a great father.  He has always been willing to help me in any way.  And he is one of the great route runners of all-time, so I have certainly benefitted from that.”


(on if he thinks he is fast) “I don’t know.  But if I don’t, I know that the DBs do.  They tell me that a lot.  But whether I’m the fastest?  Every team has fast receivers.”


(on Jim Harbaugh) “He’s a great leader.  He has great thoughts about the game, as well as about life.  And he knows how to get his message across.  He’s the perfect coach for that.”