Troy Smith Update

September 15, 2008 |

Here is what we found out today about Troy Smith and his illness courtesy of Dr. Andrew Tucker the Ravens team doctor. Troy had a severe tonsil infection that resulted in severe inflammation in the tonsils and behind the tonsils to the point that a blood clot formed in his internal jugular vein. Little clots were breaking off from this clot were breaking off and going into his lungs which were causing severe chest pains.
This all started when Troy was suppose to start in St. Louis, Troy came back to Baltimore from with the team and went and saw the team’s ENT (ears nose and throat) specialist who confirmed that Troy had sever tonsillitis. He continued to take antibiotics and began to get better. Troy then began to have severe chest pains the night of the final preseason game versus the Falcons. That night Troy was taken to Union Memorial were it was determined that he had pockets of inflammation and infection in his lung. The pockets of infection were being sent from the clot in his clot in his jugular vein.
Troy just had test done last week and the pockets of infection in the lungs  have significantly improved and Troy feels better and has begin to do light aerobic activity and will start strength and weight training shortly. Troy is continuing to improve and is expected to make a full recovery.
According to Dr. Tucker, it has been recommended that Troy have his tonsils to be removed at a time that is convenient to him, which is likely to be the end of the season. Troy lost 20 pounds due to the tonsillitis being so severe that it affected his ability to eat or drink. Once the tonsil infection got better, he was so wiped out that he was not able to lift weights or work out and was essentially bed ridden.
The Ravens are still very optimistic that Troy will be able to play again this year, right now it is a week to week type recovery for Troy.