Truth — Bisciotti wouldn’t have minded a college coordinator for O.C.

February 06, 2014 | Drew Forrester

An interesting after-story has surfaced in the Ravens’ search for a new offensive coordinator.

It turns out owner Steve Bisciotti did, in fact, have a specific suggestion for John Harbaugh, but as we all now know, it wasn’t Gary Kubiak.

Bisciotti wanted Harbaugh to look away from the NFL and at least consider bringing in the “new hot offensive commodity” from the college ranks. His only suggestion in the hiring process of the offensive coordinator was, according to a source, “don’t just assume you have to hire someone from within the NFL in order for this to work.  Look at the new guy.  Don’t be afraid to find someone with new, fresh ideas.”

Interestingly enough, the 2008 coaching search in Baltimore focused on several “fresh” names, including Harbaugh, Jason Garrett, Brian Schottenheimer, Jim Caldwell and Rob Chudzinski.  Folks who remmeber that search will recall the “retread” name everyone  immediately brought up was Marty Schottenheimer, but he was never even seriously considered by the search committee.

“Steve loved the process we used to uncover John (Harbaugh),” says a team source.  “It delighted Steve that we went away from the tried-and-true and hired a guy with no head coaching experience and it turned out to be such a great hire for the organization.”

It’s assumed based on the term “new hot offensive commodity” that Bisciotti’s formula would have perhaps included Auburn’s offensive coordinator, Rhett Lashlee.  As it turned out, Harbaugh went in a different direction entirely and scooped up unemployed Gary Kubiak to run his team’s offense in 2014.

Harbaugh, in fact, confirmed this element of the coordinator search during last Friday’s live interview with WNST from Super Bowl 48.  You can hear that interview here, and hear the head coach acknowledge that Bisciotti pushed for the consideration of a college coordinator or coach to take over the Ravens offensive opening.

“Steve wouldn’t ever stand up in the room and say, ‘This is the guy you’re going to hire’, because it’s just not his style.  But, he’s a big believer in looking everywhere for new people.  That’s what his core business has always been about and it’s a great way for any company to go about hiring new employees.”

Bisciotti didn’t get his way this go-round, as the hiring of Kubiak and Rick Dennison (plus a handful of other Texans’ staffers) was simply too good to pass up for a Ravens organization desperate for a new offensive philosophy.

But the process is worth remembering, as it once again reminds everyone that the Ravens are always capable of doing something different.

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  1. lakerboy Says:

    Successful individuals often do not always pick the “textbook” decision when a choice is made. I would be willing to wager that Bisciotti’s business acumen was at least partially built upon the formula to “think outside the box” when making a decision. It’s a shame that Harbaugh didn’t really do that when he picked Kubiak and Dennison. Although perhaps he thought by making the Pittsburgh running backs coach Kirby Wilson a finalist for the OC gig, he was essentially doing the same thing. Bisciotti’s thinking probably is that the safe choice might make you sleep well at night, but often times it doesn’t get you the brass ring…or in this case the Lombardi Trophy.

  2. Steve from Sandpoint Says:

    Just read a great article by Jonah Keri @ all about the O’s & why Angelos does what he does, great reading.

  3. unitastoberry Says:

    There goes your press credentials at OPACY Jonah Keri!

  4. Steve from Sandpoint Says:

    HOW TRUE !!!

  5. lakerboy Says:

    I haven’t read the Keri piece yet, but if it’s critical you can bet there will be hell to pay at the Warehouse!!!
    I heard an interesting caller the other day make the point that Angelos may be poketing the money so that his heirs (John & Lou) will be in a better financial position to inherit the team when he passes away. I know it has always been King Petey’s desire to have his kids own the ball club, so he wants to ensure that happens. I think this is the most logical reason I’ve heard as to why the Orioles haven’t upgraded the roster in the past several off seasons.
    For long suffering Oriole fans, it’s a shame that Pete’s own personal interest is detremental to putting a more competitive product on the field.

  6. Jason Manelli Says:

    The Keri piece is good, there were some very interesting nuggets I’ve not heard mentioned before. One being that the O’s are hedging spending against the risk that they will be sued by the Lerner ownership group in DC Nat’s more from MASN. This risk is apparently so real that MLB has been paying the Lerners an undisclosed amount of cash to keep quiet and not sue the O’s. I also found it interesting to see that the MASDN subscriber fee of $2.17 is actually below the average of regional sports networks, pretty significantly below the average. Comcast Sports net commands over $4 per month in our market against MASN and MASN2 $2.17. The most damning observation about Angelos came from MacPahil, who basically described Angelos as ‘deliberative’. While many of us as fans would say the time to spend is now, to be a player for Cano and others, the ownership side says lets not be hasty, lets remember that at any time the Lerners could take us to court and win the right to a higher fee from MASN. Interesting, obviously well sourced article.

  7. The Armchair QB Says:

    Thinking “outside the box” has obviously served Bisciotti well, so it’s not surprising that he would look at the college ranks. Had they done so, Ralph Fridgen may have been an excellent choice for OC! In fact, there are reports that he is considering coaching again in that capacity, so someone is going to get a true offensive guru!

  8. Gil From Perry Hall Says:

    Hey Armchair. Friedgen announced as Rutgers OC 1 day ago. His return to Byrd Stadium is the Terps final home game of the 2014 Season. Woe be the Terps.

  9. unitastoberry Says:

    I’ll be rooting for Rutgers.

  10. The Armchair QB Says:

    Thanks for the “heads up”, Gil! Hope to see Friedgen get some much deserved….revenge!

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