Tuesday Morning’s Purple Crabs and Beer

December 08, 2009 | Glenn Clark

Ravens Report Card:

Quarterback: D-

Joe showed some signs of life in the 3rd quarter-which means I can’t give him a failing grade (as others will be inclined to do). Other than that, it was a miserable performance from Joe-his lowest point during his tenure as quarterback.

Running Back: C-

Ray Rice’s early fumble really hurt, but he also showed TREMENDOUS effort the rest of the way. I’m just not a fan of using Willis McGahee at the goal line; even if he scored a touchdown the first time. I think he’s a candidate to lose 2 yards every time he touches the ball.

Wide Receivers/Tight Ends: B-

I thought Mark Clayton and Kelley Washington each gave a TREMENDOUS effort. And while I seriously doubt Demetrius Williams would have caught either of those passes, he was a real plus for this team in drawing two big penalties. Todd Heap made a nice catch early, but Derrick Mason was a non-factor. Credit Dom Capers for sliding Charles Woodson into the nickel to help take away the 8-12 yard range Mason loves.

Offensive Line: C+

Michael Oher struggled MIGHTILY, and Ben Grubbs had a few tough plays in there too. Jared Gaither played pretty well, but the unit lacked cohesiveness at times.

Defensive Line: C+

It’s hard to fault the effort that Haloti Ngata and Dwan Edwards gave-and Kelly Gregg too for that matter. But without Terrell Suggs, the Ravens again failed to get much pressure on Aaron Rodgers. The front four just haven’t done it.

Linebackers: C-

It was a mixed bag from this unit. Tavares Gooden was pretty bad at times, but Dannell Ellerbe really made some plays. I thought Ray’s ankle was again a factor in slowing him down; and this unit struggled to drop back to make plays in pass coverage.

Secondary: D

Lardarius Webb played okay. The pass interference call on Domonique Foxworth was COMPLETELY bogus. Tom Zbikowski had an interception…..if only his game could have ended there. It was just a tough night all around from a unit that has had a very tough season.

Special Teams: C+

Sam Koch was solid again, and the coverage wasn’t that bad after Jordy Nelson’s initial long return. Lardarius had another big return (although there was really no reason he shouldn’t have taken that one home-which would have cut the game to 24-21), and looked pretty good on others. Even Chris Carr moved the ball a little bit. The short kickoffs were absolutely BIZARRE.

Coaching: D-

John Harbaugh’s time management philosophy is absolutely laughable. There are kids playing Madden 2010 today that understand timeout strategy better than a NFL head coach. YOU CAN STOP THE CLOCK ON OFFENSE WITHOUT TIMEOUTS! YOU CAN’T DO THAT DEFENSIVELY! While the offensive gameplan appeared solid early on, adjustments weren’t made well when the Packers answered the Ravens’ tries to run. Jerry Rosburg will have to try to give us an idea of what they were thinking about on the short kickoffs, and Greg Mattison again failed to dial up much pressure.

Let’s see what everyone else has to say…..

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ESPN.com’s James Walker says Ravens lacked urgency, gave Rodgers too much time to throw, saw Flacco struggle, were undisciplined, didn’t give Flacco enough time, and hurt playoff chances (is that all?)

ESPN.com’s James Walker says Ravens now 1 game behind Jaguars, tied with Steelers in playoff race


-The Terrell Suggs story is strange, and would be particularly troubling if we find out it is true. Even if it isn’t true, Terrell’s reputation will be hurt just by having the story reported. Terrell MAY have never put his hands on the woman, but there will be female football fans in Baltimore that will say “I just can’t root for Terrell anymore.” It will be interesting to see how the story plays out in the coming days.

Talk to you tomorrow.