Vernon Davis won’t bite when asked if Ray Lewis can cover him

January 30, 2013 | WNST Staff



(on how competitive he was against his brother) “We were very competitive, me and my little brother. He always wanted to get the best of best of me, but I wouldn’t let him because I was the older brother. It’s great having a brother because you keep that competitive edge, you never lose it. I know what they are going through, the Harbaugh brothers, because I have a brother.”


(on getting back to practice) “It will be great to get back to work. It seems like it has been a little while because we have been doing so much with media and things like that. I’m excited to get back to work and put the game plan in.”


(on Colin Kaepernick being so calm) “There is something about Kaep (Colin Kaepernick) that no matter what happens he always keeps his composure. That is what I like about him. He is always under control, no matter what. It’s a great thing. I am just happy to have him be a part of this team.”


(on when Colin Kaepernick became the starter) “How did Kaep (Colin Kaepernick) find me in that last game we played Atlanta? It’s all about how the defense plays you. In the past, during the regular season, the defense would turn into coverage and it wouldn’t allow me to get open. What happened in the Atlanta game was they took their eyes off of me and I was able to get open numerous times and he found me. That’s what it is about. It’s about each and every week, you never know what’s going to happen, but you always have to be prepared.”


(on what he remembers about last year’s Thanksgiving game against Baltimore) “I remember we lost. I strongly believe we should have won that game. We travelled. We had one day. We didn’t rest. It’s probably the amount of rest that we got in that game. I strongly believe that.”


(on whether Ray Lewis can cover him) “We’ll see. I guess we’ll find out.”


(on the development of the offensive line) “That group, the offensive line, they have come a long way. We’ve been building the offensive line since I’ve been here, trying to get it right. All of a sudden, it pops just like that. (The offensive line is a) great group. (They are) very competitive and guys who want to be great, every last one of them. You have Joe Stanley, Mike Iupati and Anthony Davis. (It’s) a young group destined to be great.”


(on high expectations as a rookie) “A lot was expected out of us coming in, but it takes time. You have to build, work your craft and mold yourself. It’s rare for someone to come into the league and make an impact like that, unless you’re Colin Kaepernick.”


(on appreciating Colin Kaepernick) “He knows that we appreciate him. Look at where we are now.”


(on growing as a man and a player) “Growing as a man, I had to go through some stuff first. I had to figure this thing out, find out who I was as a player. (Mike) Singletary helped me channel my emotions and really find out the best route to go. Putting my teammates first was the best thing I could’ve done. Once I did that, things started to happen for me. I started to see the game differently. It wasn’t about me anymore. It was more about my team. I enjoyed it. I still do. Everything that I do, I put my teammates first. To me, that’s the mark of a true leader. That’s what I want to be. I want to be a leader and have guys continue to follow.”


(on whether he has seen a change in Michael Crabtree) “For (Michael) Crabtree, he had to grow. He had to find his niche, just like anyone else. He has done a great job for us in terms of making plays and being there when we need him. It’s truly a blessing to have him be a part of this team as well. Michael Crabtree has turned it on. I’m happy for him and I’m happy for his future.”