We want to be the division champs says Harbaugh

December 08, 2008 |

Here are some news and notes from Monday press conference:

– Coach Harbaugh spoke highly of the guys who do not get enough credit for the job they do. The offensive lineman for their pass protecting and run blocking, and the special teams units for their coverages.

-Coach Harbaugh disagreed with media member about McGahee’s performance last night. Coach Harbaugh felt like McGahee did not have a bad night and that he will be ok. As far as the injury that McGahee suffered during the game, Willis felt ok today and should be able to go on Sunday.

– Ray Rice suffered a contusion on his lower leg and will be ok

– Matt Stover is ok after getting his ankle rolled up on in last night’s win

– As far as the talk of what the game Sunday means as far as playoffs go, Coach Harbaugh said it is just the next game on the schedule and that is not any more important than any of the other ones have been so far.

-They are excited to be in the position to play for the division title, and pointed out that they do want to win the division and that the Steelers are the next game on their schedule and stand in the way of that happening.

– Coach Harbaugh gave a lot of praise to the fans for the job that they did last night, and said the place was ” rocking” last night and expects the same on Sunday.

-Cam Cameron continues to be creative on offense. On the 4th and 1 pass to Todd Heap for 24 yards,prior to the play once they realized they were going to go for it, Coach Harbaugh walked over to the defense and said they were going to go for so be ready and stop the Redskins if they did not convert, while the ball was on the Washington 43. As Coach Harbaugh walked away from the defense, he said to them to watch the play Cam had drawn up. Several of the defensive players got off of the bench and watched the play unfold.

– As far as where this team is right now, Coach Harbaugh said they have earned the right to play one more meaningful game right now, that is all they are focused on.