Webb’s rehab on knee going “great”

January 31, 2013 | WNST Staff


(on helping the team from the sidelines) “I’m just being supportive to the guys.  We talk back and forth about what they see before they go into the game or what I might see.  Just talking and being there when they need me and most importantly being a leader still.”


(on being hurt and not able to play at the Super Bowl) “Just a little bit but it feels so sweet just to make in to the Super Bowl, just to even be here for Joe Flacco to finally reach that spot and Ed Reed after all those years of playing and never making it here. Those guys get a chance for their dreams to come true. Haloti Ngata, Terrell Suggs,  I am happy for those guys.”


(on Joe Flacco’s performance) “I don’t know why people are surprised I mean he’s winning games and going to the playoffs and having a winning record every year. He’s a quiet guy but very talkative in the locker room. I guess he just comes off as a quiet guy. He’s a great guy.”


(on being on pace for playing next season) “Yes, I am coming back next season and everything is great.”


(on being part of the Super Bowl without participating) “I am part of it, I feel a part of it. I wish I could play, but I am happy for the guys. I am happy Joe Flacco could possibly win his first one.  Ed Reed, Haloti Hgata, the guys who have been playing a while and never made it. That’s why I am happy.  You know I am here after four years, and I will have another chance to make it in the near future with the team we have, with coaches we have and the organization we have.  We will be back, or somewhere close to being back here, I will wait for the future but we’ll be back.  Take advantage of the time we’re here.”