What a Difference a Day Makes

September 16, 2009 | Tom Federline

Hello Ravens, we’re the Kansas City Chiefs, won 2 games last year, 13 point underdogs, starting QB down…………….and we ain’t rollin’ over. Wake up call! Don’t look at the stats (the Ravens rolled – as we know). Gang, it was 17-14 at the end of the 3rd quarter. That was one wierd game. It appears the Chiefs had a different perspective going in, than say 95% of the Baltimore media and fans (me included). Welcome to the regular season.

It was a “Beautiful Day”. Sun, blue skies, 80 degrees, smell of the grills, rekindling freindships with your tailgate neighbors and stadium section, Sunday afternoon football all around town, a team to cheer for that has a chance (this year), purple everywhere, man …… it just felt like the Ravens were gonna roll. Then BAM, blocked punt, interception, bogus roughing the passer call, it’s tied in the 4th quarter, What?

In this blog we are going to wait a couple days to offer our two cents. Experience tells me, it’s better to let some time pass, don’t pass judgemeent to quickly, let it sink in, what really happened, was it really that bad or good, was that Habnero pepper I ate out of the “Pepper – Barrel of Fire”, really worth it? Yes,  a nutball “new” tailgate tradition to begin the season. Talk about a wake up call!

Don’t you feel inundated with all the football jargon and everybody’s expert Monday morning QB’in? If the answer is yes, continue reading and add your comments, please. Ravens Sunday Week 1 – Positives – the weather, pre-game festivities, introduction of the Ravens defense, Ray-Ray entrance, Flacco passing, Flacco leading, Flacco tackling, HEEEEEAP, O-line, D-line, O – 501 yards, D – 188 yards (5, yes 5, given up in 1st quarter), the 3-headed monster running attack, some guy named Oher and the outcome. Negatives – special teams, bogus penalties (I had binos), that anxiuos feeling in the 4th quarter when it was tied, Tavares Gooden injury, the prevent(?) defense in the 4th and where was Kruger?

My favorite football memories of the weekend – 1. Heaps “Gimme That Ball TD.” 2. “Old School” – throwback uniforms Monday night – AFL Oldtime Doubleheader. What were your favorite memories? Any tailgate traditions maintained or started?

It was a “Beautiful Day.”