What a Difference a Year Makes

September 11, 2009 | Tom Federline

Greetings fellow sports fans. Welcome to my first blog! I had the daunting decesion of whether to go “heavy” or “light” on choice of topic. Experience got the best of me and I will proceed using the KISS principle and some common sense. Let’s go with the Ravens and Kickoff Weekend.

We are all ready for some football! I’m just not digging this Thursday Night PrimeTime, media, money driven, commercialfest. On top of that, it was a little rough watching the celebration in Pittsburgh. There were some cool aerial shots though. It was a good game ….just with the wrong result. The Steelers got beat, but won the game. This Opening Night Spectacle isn’t going anywhere, so I guess all we can hope for, is that they are filming from Federal Hill and Rash Field next year. Opening kickoff for football is Sunday afternoon. It’s tradition.

Now – back to “the difference”. Out from 2008 – Matt Stover, Kyle Booller, Chris McAlister, Jason Brown, Bart Scott (just to name a few). In for 2009 – Steve Hauschka, Matt Birk, Dominique Foxworth, Paul Kruger and some guy named Oher. In 2008 – we were just being introduced to an unproven kid from UD and as fate would have it, be the starting QB the first week of the season .We wore t-shirts that read, “Joe stay Cool – We got your back”. We supported a rookie head coach, not kowing a thing about him. We were hoping for a .500 season. Now in 2009 – in thier second year, that QB and head coach have our hopes high and set the stage for a good run. We’re not hoping for .500, we are checking out airfare rates to Miami in February. What a difference a year makes!

I’m pumped! In fact………… it’s getting awful “Hot in Herre”- (Nelly). You go Ray-Ray. There is some serious energy in that stadium during team introductions and kickoff. That’s the real Opening Kickoff and bottom line ………..it’s just darn cool. Predictions (?) Come on hit me up, they’re always fun. Mine – Healthy Joe Cool and Ray-Ray, 13-3 and book the airfare. Hurt Joe Cool and Ray-Ray, 8-8. Can’t lose the leaders. Although, if the worst happens,  Mr. Reed sure doesn’t have a problem getting his point across, now does he?

 “9/11 – Never Forget” and of course GO RAVENS!