What a difference a year makes

December 31, 2008 |

This time last year we all gathered here at 1 Winning Drive for what was going to be the final Ravens press conference to wrap up there disappointing season. Instead we got sort of a bombshell dropped on us when he would soon discover Brian Billick had been removed from his job as the Ravens head coach.

Fast forward one year exactly, and we are here talking to Coach John Harbaugh, who most of us had not heard about before, and some kid named Flacco from Delaware about getting ready to go face the Miami Dolphins in the first round of the playoffs. Joe said today a year ago he was getting ready to work out for the combine, and now here he is getting ready to play in his first playoff game.

The Ravens continue to have a one game at a time approach that they have maintained all season long. They do know that if they lose there is no next week to get redemption. Terrell Suggs says they know there is a cost for playing bad this time of year because there is no next week.

-Fabian Washington(toe), Derrick Mason(shoulder), and Ray Rice(shin), are all expected to try to get through the week of practice to be ready to play on Sunday.

-Terrell Suggs, and Ray Lewis, both sang the praises of Trevor Pryce and what he has meant to this defense this year. Not having Pryce was a huge loss for the Ravens defense last season. Pryce may not have huge impact numbers, but his presence on the field makes all of the other front defensive players better.