What WAS that we just saw?

September 11, 2007 | Drew Forrester

Like most of you, I presume, it’s tough falling asleep tonight.

What the hell was that “thing” we watched from Cincinnati this evening?

It looked like a pre-season game at times.

First, neither team really deserved to win.  It just happens that Baltimore made the final mistake before the Bengals did – and trust me, the Bengals were DYING to cough up this game tonight.

The Ravens clearly didn’t deserve to win.  You can NOT turn the ball over 6 times in the NFL and expect, or deserve, to win.  Period.

But let me just say a few things before I doze off for five hours and meet up with you all at 6:07 am Tuesday morning.

GREAT throw by Boller to Derrick Mason on that sideline zinger in the final minute.  It was then followed up by a ball thrown entirely too hard by Boller that bounced off of Heap and resulted in the game-ending interception.  Should Heap have caught it?  Probably.  Should Heap have also been able to catch a bullet with his teeth?  Probably.  I don’t know – it just looked like Boller fired that thing at Mach-12 when Mach-8 would have gotten the job done.  One thing for sure:  tomorrow morning, the Boller Bashers will be out in full force saying he cost the team the game – the Boller Huggers will line up and say Heap cost the club the game.  I say it probably shouldn’t have come down to that play.  But it did.  Who’s at fault?  Everyone.  Play calling was weird.  Boller blistered it in there – Heap could have held it and made Kyle look like a hero.  But he didn’t.  Generally, Todd catches that one.  I think we’d all admit that.

Why on earth did the Ravens not try and run the ball into the end zone in the final 2 minutes?  That Bengals defense is horrible.  If anyone in Cincinnati pre-paid for airline tickets to the Super Bowl in Arizona, they’d better get a refund now.  No chance in hell that Cincy team is going anywhere with that defense.  I just checked the stats – Baby Ethan had 19 yards on 4 carries for the Ravens tonight.  Why not give the ball to McGahee and Musa Smith and let them bust in?  Head scratcher, there.

What happened to McNair?  He had that Reche Caldwell “deer in the headlights” look late in the game.  He was terribly inconsistent tonight.  Made some outstanding throws – and some bad throws.  Why’d he come out of the game?  I know those two goofy girls on the sideline tried to explain something about a groin injury, but it was never really clarified and he just sort of strolled off, whispered something to Boller – probably “don’t screw this one up, pal” – and then didn’t return. 

Did Bart Scott play? 

Can Ed Reed pitch for the Orioles?  He can do everything else, it seems.  What a game.

Hope you got a good look at Ogden tonight.  If you know what I mean.

Billick would rather win 35-31?  I like that attitude.  It’s better than “3 yards and a field goal”.  But you can’t turn the ball over six times and win in ANY league.

It’s only week one and I’m already painfully tired of watching and listening to Chad Johnson.  So are half the Bengals, I bet.

The Bengals won’t win 10 games with THAT defense, I can assure you.  Scratch them from any plans you might have had for them to battle the Ravens for the AFC North crown.

Did Terrell Suggs play?

Good night all –

Better days are ahead…