When a Game Really Doesn’t Matter

September 13, 2008 |

I am sure some of you are not happy about the Ravens game being moved first to Monday night and now it appears the game could be cancelled altogether because of   Hurricane Ike. Many of you probably have plane and game tickets, which now can’t be changed. Others probably had big plans for tomorrow, like a party with friends or at a neighbor’s house. Some won’t be able to watch the game now if it is played on Monday night because of work or family.
The hardship we are feeling, however, is nothing compared to the anxiety and trepidation that the people of Texas are feeling right now. Many had to make one of life’s toughest decision–leave their homes and evacuate or try to ride it out. Sadly some will lose their lives, and many will come home to have everything they’ve ever known shattered.
When compared to this, how silly does a football or a baseball game sound now?
An event like this is when we must once again understand the role of sports in our society. Sports have and always will have a unique place in our country and culture. As Mark Suchy so brilliantly blogged on the morning of the anniversary of the tragedy of September 11th, sports helped us all recover and brought us together after those events.  Sports are our diversion, and nothing diverts our attention more than pro football. Most of us want/need this diversion to get through life. But for this week, this time football means very little. After all the Ravens and Texans is just a game; what is happening in the Texas Gulf Coast is real life.
The last thing the first responders in that area need to deal with is logistics for a football game with 70,000 people trying to get to and from the game. They have an enormous task in front of them right now, and their only mission should be to help save and protect the citizens of that area.

This game will be played sometime, perhaps in Houston or perhaps in another city.  At the right time we will kick the Texans’ rear ends.   Right now that’s secondary. When that area is ready to recover, sports — whether it is a high school football game or the NFL — will help in that recovery once again.

Sports will help bring some measure of relief and healing to the region.

Please keep the people of the Texas Gulf Coast in your thoughts and prayers as well the valiant civil workers who will risk their lives to help save lives and restore that area.

May God Bless Texas!