When will Suggs show ? No reason to show for fans tomorrow morning

July 29, 2008 |

So today the discussion of when Terrell Suggs will return to camp came up among members of the media. Several people said next week some said the last week of the preseason. So here is my prediction, August 18th.
I pick that day, because the Ravens will have just finished playing their second preseason game versus the Vikings and will have ended camp that Friday, Aug. 15th. That is the day that makes sense to me. Suggs would have missed all the fun and not so fun things that comes with training camp, yet be back in time to play in the last two preseason games and be at the facility in Owings Mills everyday.
So there is my prediction Monday Aug 18th, I think Terrell Suggs will return to the Ravens.
– Tomorrow’s morning session of practice is closed the public, as it will only be open for special invited guest. They will however have an afternoon session starting at 2:45.