While others have been talking about Ravens draft picks, we’ve been talking to them

May 01, 2012 | WNST Staff

Everyone in town is catching their breath following the conclusion of NFL Draft season, but WNST.net is proud to have brought you the absolute best Ravens draft coverage in town after interviewing all eight Baltimore draft picks in addition to rookie free agents and individuals linked to draft picks such as college coaches and former teammates.

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In case you needed a reminder of all the hard work put in over the last few days, here’s a recap with links to all exclusive interviews on AM 1570 WNST…

Baltimore draft picks
Alabama LB Courtney Upshaw (2nd round – 35th overall)

Iowa State OG/OT Kelechi Osemele (2nd round – 60th overall)

Temple RB Bernard Pierce (3rd round – 84th overall)

Delaware C Gino Gradkowski (4th round – 98th overall)

South Carolina State S Christian Thompson (4th round – 130th overall)

Cal Poly CB Asa Jackson (5th round – 169th overall)

Miami WR Tommy Streeter (6th round – 198th overall)

Georgia DT DeAngelo Tyson (7th – 236th overall)

Baltimore rookie free agents
Mississippi OT and City grad James Carmon

Baylor DT Nicolas Jean-Baptiste

Slippery Rock WR Devin Goda

College coaches
Iowa State head coach Paul Rhoads on Kelechi Osemele

Temple head coach Steve Addazio on Bernard Pierce

Delaware head coach K.C. Keeler on Gino Gradkowski

Cal Poly head coach Tim Walsh on Asa Jackson

Georgia head coach Mark Richt on DeAngelo Tyson

Special guests
Bengals QB Bruce Gradkowski on younger brother Gino Gradkowski

Ravens LB Chavis Williams on former Alabama teammate Courtney Upshaw

Exclusive videos
Glenn gives Courtney Upshaw the Bama Ozzie quiz

New Ravens OL Kelechi Osemele tells Glenn it’s not pronounced O-Smelly

Bernard Pierce apologizes to Glenn for 5 TDs vs. Maryland Terps


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  1. Paul Says:

    Big deal I like the morning show but enough with the self butt patting already. Theryl Nelson is unbearible!!!!

  2. mark Says:

    Whats with all this patting your own back? you did your jobs, big deal. 105.7 did just as good a job and you dont hear them gloating. get over yourselves. this station has been going down hill for years. should have never gotten rid of conn, ford, long, hainey, willit, and wilson, not to mention cunningham. you guys are the minor leagues of sports radio in baltimore.

    (Edit from Glenn: Says the guy who is reading our website and . Also, 105.7 did NOT do as good of a job, or else you would have been reading this on their site.)

  3. mark Says:

    Sure i still follow some of the shows, well the mourning show anyway. and yes i check the website. what does that have to do with anything? 105.7 has all of wnsts past talent. thats why i listen to them daily. 105.7 did a great job covering the draft as usual. the only reason i even saw

    tgis article was because of facebook.

  4. mark Says:


    (Edit from Glenn: If 105.7 had talked to all of the Ravens draft picks, they’d tell you about it. They haven’t told you about it because they haven’t done it. We have. You came here because of it.)

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