With beatdown of Steelers, monkey is off Ravens’ backs

September 11, 2011 | Peter Dilutis

Now, the playing field is even. There are no more doubts that this core may not be able to jump the Pittsburgh hurdle. No longer are there questions about Harbaugh against Tomlin or the Ravens receivers not being able to stretch the field against Pittsburgh and yada yada yada.

Those questions are over and done with.

But this rivalry is far from over. The Steelers aren’t going anywhere. In fact, I guarantee that the night of November 6th will carry just as much significance as Sunday afternoon did as far as the AFC North race is concerned.

That’s why I was a little ticked at John Harbaugh for clearly attempting to run up the score late in the 4th quarter when an Anquan Boldin push-off put a halt to the Ravens’ quest of 39 points. Make no mistake, Mike Tomlin will remember that next time these teams meet.

And meet again they will.

If this was college basketball, the Ravens just went on a 10-0 run to start the game, forcing Mike Tomlin to call a timeout to halt the momentum. But we all know that college basketball is a game of runs and momentum, as is the marathon that is a 16 game NFL season.

Tomlin will rally his troops and the Steelers will come back with a vengeance.

The difference now is that when they do come back with malice in their hearts, Ray Lewis and his Ravens are going to be as confident as ever. Because now THEY KNOW that this current group can do it. They can beat Big Ben and the Steelers, and they can beat them handily.

Yes Ryan Clark, this IS a rivalry.

It’s game on now fellas. See you November 6th.