Your first look at the Ravens’ Super Bowl ring

June 07, 2013 | Luke Jones

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With the Ravens set to receive their Super Bowl XLVII championship rings Friday night, the anticipation over how the piece of jewelry will look is finally over.

Adam Schefter of ESPN tweeted a picture earlier this afternoon, with this ring resembling the Super Bowl XXXV version with the Ravens logo featured strongly. You can also see the two Lombardi Trophies behind the side profile of the bird, representing the organization’s two titles.

Here’s what the franchise’s Super Bowl XXXV ring looked like:

Members of the organization will receive their rings at a ceremony held at the team’s training facility in Owings Mills as numerous players have expressed their excitement for weeks.

“When it comes to actually seeing the rings, for somebody like me who’s never won a thing, I might act like a woman when she sees her engagement ring,” wide receiver Torrey Smith said. “I can’t wait. I can’t wait.”

Your thoughts on the Super Bowl XLVII championship ring? An upgrade or downgrade from the first one?