Your Monday Reality Check-Are Ravens better after Draft? I guess…

April 30, 2012 | Glenn Clark

I’ve already gotten about a hundred messages via email/Facebook/Twitter/text/Pony Express that said something along the lines of “well Glenn, you got what you wanted.”

To at least an extent, the people sending those messages have been right. After pounding on the desk of the studio at 1550 Hart Rd. in Towson for months (if not years), the Baltimore Ravens acquired a size receiver in the NFL Draft.

In the 6th round of the Draft, the Ravens selected Tommy Streeter, a 6’5″ wide receiver from the University of Miami. Combined with impressive speed (Streeter posted an impressive 4.40 forty time at the NFL Scouting Combine in Indianapolis), Streeter seemingly adds a more unique dynamic to Cam Cameron’s offense in 2012. Streeter’s size presents an immediate matchup problem in the red zone (and specifically in the end zone) that the team simply didn’t have in their receiving corps in 2011.

Well…mostly anyway.

You see, the Ravens actually DID briefly have a receiver like that in 2011. If you’ll remember, the Ravens acquired former Buffalo Bills WR James Hardy late in the 2010 season in hopes he could make the team out of Training Camp. Nagging injury issues and a lockout later, Hardy couldn’t crack the 53 and the lack of a size receiver played a role in the Ravens finishing 18th in the NFL in red zone offense.

So Streeter solves all of those problems, right? Right?

As I was also quick to point out, simply being tall wasn’t the only desirable attribute in a new Ravens receiver. Clarence Moore was tall. Randy Hymes was tall. Even Marc Lester was tall. The Ravens not only needed a tall receiver, they needed a receiver who could catch the ball and become a consistent threat in a National Football League offense.

While I liked the team’s decision to draft Streeter, I will admit that I don’t believe the Ravens (and 31 other teams) passed on him for five and a half rounds because they were TOO worried about how good he was. There have been questions about Streeter’s hands, as well as his overall ability to develop into a consistent standout receiver. Those questions may or may not be fair, as the former Hurricanes star could show 31 teams they made a mistake in the coming seasons or they could show one particular team they made the wrong decision to take him even as late as the sixth round.

I guess that’s basically the entire point of this week’s column. After the NFL Draft, analysts attempt to identify “winners” and “losers” from three days of selecting players. Some of these players will go on to outstanding pro careers, others will leave little in the way of a legacy at the NFL level and others still will never play in even a single NFL game.

So do I think the Ravens did a nice job in the NFL Draft? Yeah…I guess. I guess the Baltimore Ravens did a nice job in the NFL Draft.

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  1. The "Armchair QB" Says:

    That’s a definite, “yes” and, as you know, I’m always….right! LOL! They needed depth and got it; they needed help on the OL and, while not glamorous, appear to have addressed it. Upshaw may turn out to be the Suggs’ “bookend” they thought they were getting in Kindle brfore his “fall” from grace (pun intended!). I watched Pierce shred Maryland’s “D” last year and, while the Terps’ “D” was terrible, the performance was still very impressive. So, to all the so-called “experts”, who think they know better than management that keeps this team at a very high competitve level year in and year out, take a deep breath and repeat after me……”In Ozzie we trust”!

  2. jpetrosino Says:

    To answer the Streeter question, I think you need to also look at why talents such as Colston, Garcon, and Cruz were missed until late in the draft. What was the knock on those guys? Maybe the same concerns with them can be applied to Streeter. If so, then I think it’s worth taking a chance on Streeter and hope he becomes a solid WR like those other fellas.

  3. Steve from Sandpoint Says:

    Glenn , get your head out of your ass and start smelling the purple roses remember in Ozzie we trust.

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