Your Monday Reality Check: Can the “regression” talk regress now?

March 25, 2013 | Glenn Clark

The hopeful full season health of leftover defensive standouts Haloti Ngata, Terrell Suggs and Lardarius Webb are also part of that belief. The new complexity brought to the table by Dumervil, Canty and Spears in the defensive front is a significant part of that belief for sure. There’s also the whole “John Harbaugh is a really good head coach and Ozzie Newsome still has a lot of work to do before the season starts to continue improving this football team” component as well.

There IS of course still work to be done by the Baltimore Ravens before we get to Training Camp, notably beginning with the NFL Draft. It appears the team has decided to stress quarterback pressure ahead of traditional inside linebacker play, but you’d think moves could still be made there. At this point only James Ihedigbo and Christian Thompson exist on the roster at safety (with Omar Brown, Anthony Levine and Emmanuel Cook exclusive rights free agents and Sean Considine still possible to return as an unrestricted free agent). It’s possible the team will simply choose to go with the group of Tandon Doss/LaQuan Williams/Deonte Thompson/Tommy Streeter (and apparently some guy by the name of Tori Gurley that I will admit I know NOTHING about) behind Torrey Smith and Jacoby Jones at WR, but it’s hard to expect that will be the case.

And left tackle must be addressed. I repeat, “left tackle MUST be addressed.”

But even based on the incomplete look at the roster we have on March 25, it seems impossible to just assume this is a team that is poised to take a step back. We all know there are a number of things that could happen that would lead to the Ravens ultimately regressing, I just can’t believe anyone can look at the roster as constructed (and know who’s in charge of making additional moves before the season begins) and think this team isn’t capable of making a run to the postseason in what appears to be the less dangerous conference currently.

They might not win the Super Bowl…because as I’ve said before, the Super Bowl is INCREDIBLY DIFFICULT TO WIN.

But as far as being constructed to have the opportunity to make that type of run? Let’s regress our opposition to the possibility.

And someone please remind Luke Jones and Jason Cole that I love them.


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  1. The Armchair QB Says:

    Amazing how “smart” Ozzie Newsome and his staff got in just a few weeks! It bears repeating that fans are entitled to opinions, but any fan who thinks he knows more about personnel moves than Ozzie Newsome is simply…..delusional! A defense that had trouble all last year rushing the passer and defending the pass, has already improved and it’s just March! Ozzie built this franchise with draft choices and free agents and he’s already landed three “upgrades” via FA and has more draft choices (12) than at any time since 1997! Can’t wait to see who will be……..”NEXT MAN UP”!

  2. PghSteve Says:

    Bottom line is, the Ravens losing a half dozen or so players over the past couple of weeks did not doom them to mediocrity or worse, nor does the signing of Dumervil (and likely others to come) ensure a return to the Super Bowl. The Ravens will be competitive, barring an injury to Flacco, and have as good a chance of making the playoffs as they did last year.

    (Edit from Glenn: Are you sure you’re a Steelers fan? You make far too much sense.)

  3. Nick Says:

    I wants my concert and celebration downtown on September 5th so I can point to my jersey and throw it in the face of Steelers fans while I dance to Maroon 5 or Taylor Swift on Pratt St.

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