Your Monday Reality Check: Look, I love Brandon Stokley and all…

August 12, 2013 | Glenn Clark

I can’t stress this part of this enough.

I LOVE Brandon Stokley. If he ran for governor of the State of Maryland I would vote for him. Hell, I’d register under the names of six or seven dead guys as well so I could just keep voting for him.

If he hadn’t re-signed with the Baltimore Ravens, I probably would have offered to invite Stokley and his family over to the Glenn Clark compound for dinner. I would have offered to grill. My fiancé and I are partial to kabobs, but if Brandon Stokley was coming over we would have grilled a meal called “anything he wants.” We probably would even use real plates instead of the regular paper plates that we regularly use when we eat outdoors.

I REALLY love Brandon Stokley. I’ve been planning a “Bachelor Road Trip” with my best friend recently before I get married. If he wasn’t going to be playing football this Fall, I would have asked him to come along. I could just envision the two of us chugging beers at a Lone Bellow show in Memphis and belting out every word to “Green Eyes and a Heart of Gold” before posing for goofy pictures together at Graceland the next day.

You know as well as I do that my outpouring of love is going to have to be followed by a sentence that starts with the word “but.” I’m just trying to delay it because I would to make sure my love for Brandon Stokley is fully conveyed.

There are only roughly 150 current or former NFL players who can claim to have won a Super Bowl for the city of Baltimore. We’ve lost a number of the Super Bowl V champion Colts, we’ve lost a couple of the Super Bowl XXXV champion Ravens as well. The fraternity gained 55 or so new members earlier this year, but remains incredibly exclusive.

Of those 150 or so members, even fewer can claim to have scored touchdowns in a Baltimore Super Bowl victory. Tom Nowatze, John Mackey (who is the only member of this group to have passed away), Duane Starke, Jermaine Lewis, Jamal Lewis, Anquan Boldin, Dennis Pitta and Jacoby Jones (two) join Stokley on the very exclusive list. Stokley’s TD haul in Super Bowl XXXV will forever be special

Whether Brandon Stokley ever rejoined the Ravens or not, I would like to think he would have never had to pay for another beer or dinner in our city. If that meant I had to personally purchase every one of those beers and dinners, I would be willing to. That’s how much I love Brandon Stokley.

Okay, now here’s the “but” of it.

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  1. Chuck Says:

    Thanks. This is a very well written piece.

    It’s a shame you had to waste so much time and space on qualifying your respect for Stokley. His contribution to Baltimore’s suceess is well known. But a lot of people in this town who walk around like zombies saying “In Ozzie We Trust” probably need that just to cope with the criticism.

    The simple fact is had Pitt or NE signed these players we’d all today be mocking Belichik or Kevin Colbert, two individuals with success that equals or exceeds that of Ozzie’s (a great GM). These are marginal at best players.

  2. unitastoberry Says:

    Bouldin trade looming large already. I still can’t help but believe that the real reasons for getting rid of him had nothing to do with his salary demands or ability but his attitude in the club house and with Harbs in general.

    Brandon and Clark are old but both have a lot of post season work and they can catch. Evans and TG had dropsy all through their careers. It’s a patch for 16 games. I do like that number 80 will retire as a Raven he should have never been let go years ago.

  3. John In Westminster Says:

    What these moves do is add some potential depth and experience for the younger receivers. The average fan understands there is a reason why these guys were available in August. I think the move for Clark was very telling about how management feels about Shiancoe and Dickson. And does anyone think Doss, Thompson, Reed, Williams (the best of 2nd tier guys), or any of the other backups are better than Stokely right now? Not saying I’m ready to purchase our Super Bowl tickets yet, but we are now a better team than what we fielded in Tampa last week.

    Also, per Ozzie’s comments, the Boldin trade bought us a lot of defenders (Dumervil, Canty, Smith, Huff) at good value.

  4. Gil From Perry Hall Says:

    Note to unitastoberry: Without going into depth and without me having the benefit of being in the locker room,I suggest to you that the published payroll information speaks loudly to the reason that Anquan was released. The savings (real and cap) due to his release put him number 1 on the list by far. He and the team evidently could not agree on a restructure plan, so the team walked the financial gang plank. I am not saying I know best or better, the numbers are glaring.

    Glenn, with respect to the Shiancoe and Clark acquisitions, I think this is Ozzie and the organization at their best, making the necessary roster moves to fill a need.

    With Stokley it is a bit of a disappointment. I too love Brandon Stokley but I thought the crop of young talent was going to produce the necessary component(s) for a dynamic, proficient offense. This move seems to send a signal that either receiver development is not progressing as fast as anticipated or that a talent/work ethic limit has been reached.

    Coach Harbaugh is becoming famous for his sayings from which many people derive much. I feel sure it is no coincidence that this past Sunday at the open practice at M & T, Coach Harbaugh’s shirt was embalazoned for all to see “ABILITY IS GOD GOVEN”

  5. kevin from churchville Says:

    i saw a stat that stokley had the highest catch percntage of all slot receivers in the league last year. he and dallas clarke have great hands and they know jim caldwells offense quite well.who else is out there?keep up the good work.have not seen your dad at mountain in a while. hope all is well.

  6. unitastoberry Says:

    @Gill Speculation my friend just speculation.You have vets on this team who could have re structured to keep Bouldin. Why didn’t he show up at the White House ring ceremony? Leech did and they kept him in the dark until last week.

  7. matt Says:

    clark still has it, tho injury prone. bad year with freeman last year because freeman sucks. shiancoe and stokley dont have it. stokley does have a shot at making some plays though.

  8. Joe in Fells Point Says:

    At least we have a QB that can make the necessary passes. Let’s hope a couple of the unproven or retreads can catch a few of Joe’s passes.

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