Your Tuesday Reality Check: Let’s bust Upshaw talk

September 04, 2012 | Glenn Clark

I love the word “bust.”

Honest to God, it’s one of my favorite words in the English language.  If you check, there are 18 different uses of the word “bust” including seven verbs, five nouns, an adjective, a verb phrase and three idioms.

Coincidentally, “Three Idioms” was also a rejected name I suggested for a cover band I briefly joined in college. I thought it would have played better with the journalism school crowd. Shows what I know.

Think of the many ways you use the term “bust.” Perhaps you’ve used it to describe a sculpture. Perhaps you’re like me and only discovered one particular use of the word when you were first introduced to Pamela Anderson. Perhaps (again like me) you’re used the word quite a bit because you’re absolutely terrible at poker. Heck, perhaps you’ve even taken a cue from the worst college sports “pump up” video of all time and suggested you were “busting in” something or other.

I really hope it’s not the last scenario. God I hope it’s not the last scenario.

My interest today is in a different form of the word “bust”, the same form we heard Baltimore Ravens fans (and a few analysts covering the team) using to describe WR Torrey Smith just about 12 months ago.

Did that form of the word “bust” hit home because sheepishly you thought to yourself “oh no…I was one of those people. He’s talking about me!”?

It’s fine. You’re not alone. This is a safe place. You’re among friends here.

You probably described the former University of Maryland star as a “bust” because during the preseason he had only four catches total for just 20 yards. His hands appeared to be such an issue that only a few weeks into the preseason the team decided to trade for then Buffalo Bills WR Lee Evans in hopes to push Smith back to being the team’s third receiver instead of a starter.

You probably said something along the lines of “I can see why this guy fell to the bottom of the second round when some people thought he had first round talent.” You might have even called my show (you know who you are) to say “this guy is just the second coming of (fellow former Terps WR) Darrius Heyward-Bey.”

It was weird because after he caught the game winning touchdown at Heinz Field to beat the Pittsburgh Steelers, I didn’t get too many of the same calls.

Go ahead. If you considered Torrey Smith a “bust” during the preseason or the beginning of last year’s regular season, please raise your hand. I just hope you have the fortitude to make the admission. I wouldn’t want to think that you were the type that made such proclamations and then later stated “I knew all along.”

I did not make such proclamations, personally. I also didn’t proclaim Smith to be ready to be a Rookie of the Year candidate either. The only things I really said were along the lines of “he hasn’t even played an actual NFL game” and “I have absolutely no idea how Smith is going to perform when the lights come on. We’ll have to wait and see.”

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  1. unitastoberry Says:

    Your right Glenn it’t too soon to put the Dan Cody tag on Upshaw. However,it’s put up or shut up for Kindle.I hope Albert McCellan is the second coming of Bart Scott only on the outside. The absense of first round picks and the inabilty of second rounders to become impact players over the last 3 drafts could become apparent this season. I hope I’m wrong.

  2. Timmy Says:

    why even hide from it – it’s obvious the guy has no work ethic and no desire to be an NFL player. He is a total bust. It’s obvious. Just like Bob in Parkville pushes a right wing agenda through sports talk radio.

  3. The Armchair QB Says:

    Well, Glenn, I’m not ready to declare Upshaw a “bust”, but……he has yet to show any of the things one expects to see out of a first round draft choice! In fact, he hasn’t even appeared to look very athletic! The “bust” tag appears to more aptly apply to Kruger and Kindle, the latter notwithstanding his skull fracture. Kruger was drafted for his pass rushing ability and does not appear particularly adept at holding the “edge”. Frankly, I’d prefer to see him used with his hand in the dirt going after the passer! As for Kindle, no one really knows what he might have been, but, from where I sit, he definitely looks like a……”bust”!

  4. John in Westminster Says:

    “Bust” or “Boom”, the losses of Suggs and Jarrett Johnson are huge to the chemistry and talent of our 3-4 defense. Given these losses, a very inexperienced group of outside linebackers, and a depth at defensive line, I’m hoping we switch back to a 4-3 defense. Switch Kruger/Upshaw/Kindle to the rush DE while giving more reps at the other DE slot to McPhee and rotating Ngata, Kemoeato, and Code inside. This would also help to keep blockers off our linebackers, particularly Ray Lewis. Just a little armchair coaching…

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