#WNSTSweet16 list — Who broke our hearts in Baltimore?

February 11, 2014 | Drew Forrester

#4 is the worst baseball heartbreak the city of Baltimore has ever endured.  It’s Mike Mussina, the stud, the star, the ace…leaving the Orioles and signing with the New York Yankees.  Now, as Nestor Aparicio will completely explain in his March unveiling of “The Peter Principles”, Mussina had every right to leave the Orioles after they way the organization stuck it up his back side in the late 1990’s.  Make no mistake about it, though, Mussina leaving was heartache — Mussina leaving for the Yankees was a true heartbreaking moment for the hundreds of thousands of Orioles fans who looked at the star pitcher as the team’s key piece to the gateway of the World Series.  There are still people to this day who are “Anti-Mussina” simply because he defected to those rat finks in New York instead of signing with the Cubs or Dodgers.


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