#WNSTSweet16 list — Who broke our hearts in Baltimore?

February 11, 2014 | Drew Forrester

You knew “Broadway Joe” Namath was on the list somewhere, right?  From a one-game sports contest, this is the #1 most heartbreaking moment in Baltimore history without question.  There are two other “topics” more heartbreaking, but know this for sure:  the New York Jets and Namath broke Baltimore’s heart with their “guaranteed” 16-7 win over the Colts in Super Bowl III.  That Namath sat on a lounge chair in Miami during Super Bowl week and predicted the victory was all the more aggravating for the Colts and their fan base. He was a “decent” college quarterback at Alabama — nothing more — and was barely more than that as a NFL’er.  His victory in Super Bowl III somehow paved his way to the Hall of Fame, still to this day one of Canton’s most misplaced selections.  The Colts were thought to be “the greatest team ever put together in the NFL” in 1969 and there was simply no way in hell they were losing to the Jets.  That defeat crushed Charm City for years and even to this day, there are gobs of folks in town who resent Namath for that victory.

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