“Former Player Not Paid, Mariners Handled Issues”

May 15, 2009 |

A former player of the Baltimore Mariners, an indoor football team from the AIFA (American Indoor Football League), had reported that the checks issued to him bounced and the organization still haven’t paid him. According to the Mariners’ organization, this former player is the only one they had this situation with and had and still are tying to handle the problem.
The Mariners are doing well (4-4) and are second in the North division, but struggled early in the season to generate revenue. The Mariners are at a disadvantage because of the lack of coverage they receive from the local media, which in turn affects the attendance. Most of the people from Baltimore don’t know about the Mariners and they are quite entertaining, but without properly payment for the players, there will be no entertaining team to watch. “The ownership and coaching staff was good to me, but I was displeased with the situation,” said the former player who stated to not have been paid for a couple of games.
After speaking with Mariners’ organization, it understood to why and how finances for the players were thrown off. The organization stated that with the first two home games were on Sundays (March 15th and March 22) and it’s difficult to get fans to attend an indoor football game on that day. The Mariners took a financial hit from that and with early away games being scheduled, no profit from those trips were made. In fact, the Mariners do not earn money from them. What started the early downfall was a money wire transfer from a officiate that came in late and unfortunately, 10 to 12 players were paid later the following week after the season opener against the Erie Riverrats according to the Mariners’ organization.
But it almost have been light years since the early financial issues because, according to ownership, all the players have been satisfied, took care of financial and had no problems on the road. As far as attendance, the Mariners’ organization says that despite the difficulty of gathering crowds, the last three homes had more fans in the seats than the last three home game dating back to last year and look forward to the Mariners’ fans to participate in the last four home stands with six games left in the season. The Mariners organization stated that things are turning around for the best for the franchise and the future is bright. The Mariners are closing in on a playoff spot and the best thing for this semi-professional team is that a former linebacker, Brian Bradford from Towson University, was called for a try-out from the Baltimore Ravens. “Brian didn’t want to risk an injury, so he ask could he leave the team now and we said of course because we (the Mariners’ organization) know that’s the ultimate dream for all of our players,” said owner of the Mariners, Alan Taylor.

As for the former player, he and Taylor tried to meet a couple of times, but both parties had ‘schedule conflicts’. Despite the financial issue, both men are good friends and the matter will be handled. “We will get this matter solved sooner rather than later,” said Taylor.