124 Straight Sundays …..

August 26, 2009 |

On Sunday, April 15, 2007, WNST introduced a new show aimed at bringing its typical mantra of locally-flavored, “Baltimore Sports Talk” to those who love the product, even on a morning of rest and relaxation.

I recall Nestor’s view as being that of a show people will enjoy “while having coffee and a bagel,” on Sunday morning.

This show hit the airwaves with little fanfare and nothing beyond the energy of a true love of Baltimore sports fueling it. After all, the host was a guy who’d never sat in a radio studio, prior to the “So You Wanna Be A Sports Talk Show Host” contest.

And, the only other original show staffer answered the phone, while indebted to the belief tattoos and yoga were more meaningful than the Orioles and Ravens.

We were a product nobody should’ve bet on OR believed in ….. beyond a few months. That’s when the initial “feel good” phase and really cool opportunities lose their appeal, right?

Fast forward to this past weekend. I stayed home and enjoyed a relaxing Sunday morning. Well, I didn’t really enjoy it, as much as most Sundays ….. but, it really beats working !!!!

For the first time in 124 weeks – that’s right, the FIRST TIME in 124 straight Sundays, there was no LIVE Sunday programming, at WNST. It’s no big deal. We just took a week off, while getting charged-up for the start of football season.

Okay, okay ….. and the WNST studios underwent a weekend of upgrades and changes. The place looks great – THANK YOU.

So, the SUNDAY MORNING BLITZ goes on hiatus for a week. And, it came at the perfect time – our producer, Josh Hall, stayed home and fantasized about Lou Ferigno, I attended a bikini contest and Jason Jubb went to Kings Dominion.

Mind you, this wasn’t our first week off …..

Jason joined the team, in the spring of 2008. And, Josh came aboard, back in March. But, we’ve all taken time away for a bevy of reasons – NASCAR races, births of babies, Caribbean getaways, Ocean City trips ….. you name it.

But the show GOES ON. And, it always has …….

Over these 124 weeks, I can count a total of 9 different people who have hosted the Sunday Morning Blitz, in one capacity or another. I’m very thankful for their contributions; which availed our team the opportunity to enjoy life’s pleasures, away from the microphone.

The Sunday Morning Blitz has been successful, because of a few distinct things …..

• We have a fabulous nucleus of personalities who contribute merely out of really digging sports and a devotion to expressing themselves, creatively. Jason and Josh care about the show’s product and I really appreciate them.

• Our listeners and callers are loyal. I don’t take Sunday mornings for granted. If you listen or call on a Sunday, I just wanna say THANKS. I truly cherish your efforts.

• Our team is afforded tremendous support from WNST management. Without this support, we would not be able to hit the air. Thanks.

In just three weeks, a NEW Sunday Morning Blitz is coming to WNST.

With the kickoff of the NFL’s Regular Season, we’re rolling out a fresher product, with plenty of up the minute information and analysis.

Please stay tuned to WNST for updates. In the meantime, I wanna close this blog by promising to make every effort to ensure the Sunday Morning Blitz carries on, beyond another 124 straight weeks. I have never, ever considered myself more important than the show. The show is bigger than us, and it always will be.

Lets finish by taking a look back at the biggest happenings in Baltimore, as well as the world, since the Sunday Morning Blitz first hit the air, a mere 28 months ago. Enjoy and THANKS FOR LISTENING …..

The Ravens Finally Got A Quarterback

America Got A New President

The Arrival Of The Orioles SAVIOR ???

The Rocket Came Crashing Back To Earth

The Sunday Morning Blitz Gets A New Fan <img src=”Photobucket” alt=”” />

A Truly Sad Loss Of Life

Dave and Eddie Put The Band Back Together

A Baltimore Kid Becomes An Olympic Hero

A Guy Named Daughtry Hits It Big

Brett Favre Retires

I’d Look At Russia From Her Doorstep

The Orioles Had Another Losing Season – 2007

Virginia Tech Suffered An Immense Tragedy

The Ravens Made A Coaching Change

The King Of Pop dies

Worthless Bathroom Reading ??? The Mitchell Report

The Departure Of Kris Benson …. Umm, I Mean Mrs. Kris Benson

Bang !!!! …. My Leg, My Leg

Trying To Make A Difference ….
<img src=”
” alt=”” />

Tiger – Is Anyone More Dominant?

If You See This Pair In Baltimore …. RUN !!!!

Cal Goes To Cooperstown

This Thing Called “Facebook” Is Invented

Brett Favre Comes Back

Ford Brought Back A Classic Design

Roy Williams and North Carolina Dominate

Gary Williams and Maryland Do Not ….

TEST Joins A Long, Sad List

The Orioles Had Another Losing Season – 2008

The View At Camden Yards Is Destroyed
<img src=”Photobucket” alt=”” />

Andy McPhail Trades Eric Bedard To The Mariners For A Prospect

The Biggest Band In The World Gets BIGGER

Barry Bonds STEALS The Homerun Title

A Baltimore LEGEND Dies

A Very Funny Movie Rocks Box Offices

Brett Favres Retires, Again …..

WNST Has Made Rex Very Popular With The Ladies
<img src=”Photobucket” alt=”” />

Nestor Has Tickets …. But Still No O’s Press Pass

A Great Actor & A Greater Man Dies

All Hype?
<img src=”Photobucket” alt=”” />

Rex Gets A Gig

Somali Pirates Pick On The Wrong Ship

The Yankees Make A Change

Tony Called It A Day


Yep, Still There …..

Brett Favre Comes Back …. AGAIN

The U.S Economy

Ravens Have A Miracle Season ….. Almost


He’s Won Every Championship Since ‘06

My Drink Of Choice

The Assbeating of all ASSBEATINGS …..

The Lady Terps

A Senseless Loss

First Raven Plays His Last Game

If Just Two Of These Guys Pans Out ….
<img src=”Photobucket” alt=”” />