13 Days and Counting

April 12, 2009 |

The NFL draft is just 13 days away.  It’s a time of year where fans of every NFL team can begin to get excited about the prospects of the coming season.  Unlike baseball, a couple good picks in the NFL can turn a franchise around almost instantly.  Take Baltimore’s case for instance,  last years number one pick Joe Flacco helped take the team from 5-11 in 2007 to four minutes away from Super Bowl in 2008.  History suggests that Ozzie Newsome and company will be sure to find another gem on the 25th.  Take a look at the Ravens history of 1st round picks.

2008- Joe Flacco

2007- Ben Grubbs

2006- Haloti Ngata

2005- Mark Clayton

2003- Terrell Suggs

2003- Kyle Boller

2002- Ed Reed

2001- Todd Heap

2000- Jamal Lewis

2000- Travis Taylor

1999- Chris McAlister

1998- Duane Starks

1997- Peter Boulware

1996- Jonathon Ogden

1996- Ray Lewis

Out of the 15 number one picks in Ravens history, 8 have gone on to play in the Pro Bowl.  It’s also a pretty safe bet that sometime in the near future Haloti Ngata, Ben Grubbs, and Joe Flacco will also make it to play in the NFL’s all star game.

Every year, the majority of the 1st round picks never live up to their hype.  That doesn’t seem to happen here in Baltimore.  We don’t know who the Ravens will take, or what position they will play.  However, we can be fairly certain that whoever it is, will be making big plays in Baltimore for years to come.