13 points to ponder – it’s our lucky number this week

January 06, 2009 | Drew Forrester

With 12 wins under their belt in the ’08-09 NFL season, the Ravens can prove that 13 is a LUCKY number with a win over Tennessee on Saturday.

So, here are 13 points to ponder.  You can read ’em, like ’em, not like ’em and, of course, comment on ’em.

Go get ’em…

1. Everyone is so giddy about the Ravens right now that we all don’t want to think about the WORST part of losing in the playoffs:  Baseball season starts the day after the Ravens are eliminated.

2. It’s been talked about over and over and over but I have to make comment on it – that hockey game at Wrigley Field is one of the coolest things I’ve ever watched.  Believe me, if they play the “Winter Classic” at Yankees Stadium next January 1, Drew’s going.  No matter what the cost.

3. As hard as it is to name a Ravens’ MVP for ’08, it’s equally as difficult to come up with the winner of the team’s Unsung Hero Award.  Lots of candidates – Sam Koch, Jim Leonhard, Jarrett Johnson, Trevor Pryce, Le’Ron McClain.  If I had a vote to cast, it would go to Jim Leonhard.  Not only did he fill in admirably for the injured Dawan Landry, but he also provided everyone with a sense of relief returning punts.

4. I can hear it now in game three of the Orioles season:  “And the starting pitcher, for the Orioles, #56, Brian Burres.”  I’ll bet the Yankees and the over in that one.

5. If you’re wondering whether Towson’s basketball team is Jekyll or Hyde, you’re going to find out within the next eight days.  Tomorrow, they’re home against George Mason (3-0 in CAA).  Saturday, they travel to Northeastern (3-0/CAA with a game at Georgia State on Wed.) and next Wednesday, VCU comes to the Towson Center.  If Towson goes 2-1 in those 3 games, that’s a feat.

6. There’s no question that the Washington Capitals are one of the best six teams in the NHL.  They’ll be a tough out in the post-season.  But, I’ll stick with what I’ve said about them all year:  For the Caps to advance deep into the Stanley Cup playoffs, they’ll need a better goaltender than Jose Theodore.  And it’s not Brent Johnson, either (although I like his play so far…).

7.  I haven’t really thought much about the PGA Tour season because “Golf-in-America” isn’t playing until February or March while re-habbing from his knee injury.  But I’ll go ahead and make my predictions on the four major tournaments for 2009:  Masters: Robert KarlssonU.S. Open: Tiger  — British Open: Sergio GarciaPGA Championship: Tiger

8. Another prediction:  Brian Billick will be the Head Coach of the New York Jets in 2009.

9. This time last year, I wrote that Kansas would be the national champion in college basketball.  I don’t know who’s going to win THIS year (yet), but I have this weird feeling that UNC is NOT going to win it.  And I’m not saying that because they just lost to Boston College.  Or, maybe I am.  I don’t know – North Carolina SHOULD win it all as talented as they are.  But I don’t think they will.

10. I said it four weeks ago and it’s a done-deal now.  Ed Reed made the Hall of Fame with his 2008 NFL season.  That’s 3 Ravens we know for sure (Ray, J.O. and Reed) and if the H.O.F. ever got smart and started admitting that kickers/punters are part of the game, Stover would be in Canton someday as well.

11. More and more, I’m thinking it would be wise for the Orioles to come up with a new marketing theme for 2009:  “Baseball in Baltimore ’09: We’re gonna lose a lot, but the weather will be nice.”

12. NFL winners this weekend:  Baltimore, Pittsburgh, Carolina, New York

13. I can fix college football.  They need to reduce the number of regular season games to 10 and have “conference tournaments” with the four top teams from the various MAJOR conferences in the country.  That’s just a start.  I’ll have more on that next week after the BCS Championship Game.