12 minutes to write, 1 minute to read…

September 14, 2009 | Drew Forrester

1.  Michael Jordan’s H.O.F. acceptance speech was somewhat awkward, I thought, but not quite as bad as some of the national media made it out to be.  That said, his dig at Bryon Russell at the very end was not only unnecessary, but based on the looks of those in the audience, not well received.  

2.  Serena Williams’ outburst on Friday night in the U.S. Open was obviously an embarrassment.  No post-match apology or next-day “now that I think about, I was out of line” mea culpa can attone for what she did.  If they suspend her for the Australian Open, I’d agree with it.

3.  The Carolina Panthers are a franchise in a downward spiral.  Big time.  They might not win 5 games this year.

4.  Tiger Woods beat everyone like a drum last weekend.  And in related news, the sky is blue.

5.  Jay-Z’s show on Friday night at Madison Square Garden not only raised over $3 million for the widow’s fund for fire and police professionals who lost their lives in the 9-11 tragedy, but it cemented “Shawn” as music’s #1 show-stopper right now. The man is, well…the man.  

6.  If Ichiro Suzuki started in the major leagues at 22, he’d be the most prolific hitter in the history of baseball.  For my money, he’s the best I’ve ever seen.  Period.  And as far as I can tell, he never bet on a game.

7.  If Ian Eagle of CBS Sports ran for President this morning, I’d vote for him.  

8.  I have a weird feeling Maryland is going to lose to Middle Tennessee State this Saturday.  Sorry, Glenn.

9.  The only team in the league who could lose a game the way the Bengals lost on Sunday was — the Bengals.  That wouldn’t happen to any other team.  

10.  The O’s have four games at home this week against Tampa Bay.  If you have 19,000 friends, bring them along and put them in the upper deck.  There’s plenty of room, I hear.