Chelsea scores in 2nd half, beats A.C. Milan 2-1

July 24, 2009 |

2nd half

The stats at half have proven that this has been a fairly evenly matched contest with Milan out shooting the Blues by 5 to 4. The most glaring statistic is that Chelsea has yet to take a corner. Milan has looked menacing from all three of their corner kicks. Seems like the Chelsea supporters are out-voicing their Italian supporting counterparts although Ronaldinho gets a standing O every time he has a sniff at the ball.

And we’re off

No half time subs for either team.

48th anelka comes so close to putting ZChelsea on top. Didn’t quite read the break on the pitch corerectly and puts it just by the far post.

48th whatever they’re putting in Seedorf’s coffee they need to keep on doing it. The auld fella puts one agonizingly over the crossbar from 18 out off some well-worked Milan interplay.

53rd Frankie Lampard has a go from right around Dundalk that is parried away by Kalac.

55th Bosingwa skins Seedorf and wings one in to be beaten away by the defense

56th an example of a bicycle gone horribly wrong by the youngster Pato. More like a tricycle.

57th Ivanovich gets turned by Pato. Apparently he took umbrage with it coz 5 secs later he scythed him down for Chelsea’s first card.

58th from the resulting free kick Ronaldinho puts the woodwork to the test and after Chelsea fails to clear it Pato almost nicks in on the far post but puts it wide with the old noodle.

59th Chelsea’s first corner … and nothing for their troubles.

62nd off Chelsea’s second corner Zhirkov’s looping header is cleared off the line

63rd after leaving a leg hanging in on a Lampard blast, Seedorf goes down. But he’s as tough as he is old.

63rd twin subs. Shevchenko on for Anelka and Abate on for Seedorf

65th Scheva tries his luck form 15 leagues down that has the dashers 30 yards away from the goal quivering.

67th two more on for Milan Onyewu on for Nesta to the delight of the crowd and Zigoni on for Boriello

69th GOOOAALLLLLL! Zhirkov scores. Good on ya son, you deserve it. Especially since Scheva et al can’t get it done.

70th Milan come storming back with a great ping that is beaten away by Cech.

71st Gattuso is finally on for Pirlo.

72 71203 people packed into the stadium tonight. Holy brown stuff! Is that even legal?

72 Ronaldinho gives Mikel Obi the megs and then the ball away.

75th the kitchen sink come on for Chelsea with Pizarro coming on for Drogba and Jankulovski on for Zambrotta.

76th oddo sees a yellow after pulling cole down

77th kaladze on for Silva. Maybe I’ll be the next one to get the nod. I don’t think there’s anyone left down there.

78th pato pulls down Mikel Obi and Ronaldinho is replaced by di Gennaro. Okay that’s it. I’m suiting up.

81st experience for youth. Pato out and Inzaghi in.

83. di Gennaro has a go straight at Cech and at the other end Lampard returns the favour.

85th apparently there is some bicyclitis going on. Inzaghi has a try at it. And what a poor try it was.

85th Zhirkov gets a well deserved rest and Essien nips on for some appearance money.

87th Zigoni does a bit of lambada in the box and plays it into some nice clean space.

90th Bosingwa is menacing going down the line but his cross is dealt with inside the 18

90th Hutchinson on for Bosingwa

90 plus Inzaghi is acrobatically denied a goal by Cech off a head Onyewu heads wide off the resulting corner.Unlucky lad.

90 plus Lampard’s effort off the turn from a Sheva ball goes wide

And we’re done. Chelsea 2- AC Milan 1. As my fingers get reacquainted with fresh air, let me say that this was a great exhibition of international football/soccer. As much as I’d love to stick around and tell John Terry he should take the money, it’s a mob scene of reporters up here, both foreign and domestic.

Thanks for staying tuned, mom.

Daz out