19 points for you to ponder…

March 10, 2008 | Drew Forrester

Here’s my Monday morning ritual.  Chew on these 19 points and if any are particularly aggravating, you know what to do next.

1. I’m not going to be the one to make a big stink about it because I don’t need three days worth of nasty e-mails…but why hasn’t anyone (at The Sun) wondered aloud how this whole Troy Patton thing shook down? Torn labrum? He just got here, didn’t he? I’m not saying a word…but someone should.
2. It took me 16 ACC games and the entire regular season to figure out what’s wrong with Maryland. ZERO defensive heart. None. Talk about matador defense. Sean Singletary carved them up in the 2nd half. Last night’s game was the first time all season that Vasquez threw in the towel. After coughing up that big lead against Clemson, everyone asked, “Do you think Maryland can recover from that and play well at Virginia?” You got your answer, huh?
3. Does anyone else find it odd that every time NASCAR catches someone cheating the driver/car/crew/owner, etc. are allowed right back into the following week’s race? 
4. UMBC plays host to Hartford next Saturday at 12 noon at RAC Arena for a one-game, winner take all America East Conference Championship game. The Retrievers are just one win away from going to the NCAA tournament…that place will be a madhouse on Saturday. You can order tickets at www.umbcretrievers.com – they’re $25 each (tickets are the property of America East, actually, so get mad at them for the $25 price tag).
5. Duckpin bowling is far, far more frustrating than golf. I found that out again on Saturday night at Pinland in Dundalk. When Nestor bowls a 133 game – which he did on Saturday – you immediately come to the realization that duckpins are a lot more about luck than skill. 
6. Alexander Ovechkin might very well be the best player in the NHL, but if the Caps don’t make the playoffs (now, starting to look more and more like a reality), there’s no way he can be the league’s MVP. Sorry…you can’t be the MVP if your team doesn’t qualify for the post-season, even if you do have 27% of your team’s goals.
7. If you coach a youth sports team at any level, in any sport, make yourself a DVD of that Clemson comeback over Maryland last Sunday night and show it to your team on the day you give your “the game isn’t over until the final whistle” speech. 
8. I think the Ravens are going to somehow get Joe Flacco in the April NFL draft. 
9. In a PGA Tour event earlier this year, John Mallinger made 11 straight putts (over two rounds) of 15 feet or more. I know, I know, you’re asking, “Who the hell is John Mallinger?” He’s a guy who made 11 straight putts of 15 feet or more, that’s who.
10. Loyola scored exactly four points in the final 7:39 of their loss to Siena in Sunday’s MAAC conference Semi-Final. Hate to be harsh, but if you can only score one field goal in the last 7:39 of the game with your entire season on the line, you don’t deserve to go to the NCAA tournament. Just sayin’. 
11. He’s said all the right things – as he ALWAYS does – but if you gave Brian Roberts the needle-in-the-neck truth serum test from “Meet The Fockers”, you know he has to be severely aggravated with this whole “B-Rob to Chicago” mess that has been unsettled for nearly 6 weeks now. SEVERELY aggravated…
12. Shaq can’t do it anymore. Not for four quarters, anyway. To say he’s a liability would be unfair. To say he can still contribute is, well, questionable at best.
13. Three weeks from today, the baseball season starts in earnest for the local nine. Who’s our closer? Are you worried? You should be.
14. Reason #1,249 why you don’t bet on sports: Did you see Nicklas Backstrom of the Caps put the game-winning goal into his OWN net with 28 seconds to play yesterday when Washington lost to Pittsburgh?
15. I had a weird feeling watching Towson vs. VCU in Saturday’s CAA quarter-final game that VCU was there for the taking. William & Mary shocked the Rams on Sunday to advance to the Final against George Mason on Monday night. VCU’s loss isn’t good for NCAA teams “on the bubble” – the Rams will still get an at-large bid. As for Towson, they defended the ball well against VCU but you can’t go 16 minutes (in a 40-minute game) without scoring a field goal and expect – or deserve – to win and that’s what happened on Saturday. Looking ahead to ’08-09, Towson will be one of the top 4 teams in the CAA.
16. I didn’t bother trying to contact the Baltimore baseball team’s PR staff on Sunday with a request for a player/executive for Monday’s edition of The Comcast Morning Show. Why bother? If they were bush-league last Sunday, odds are they would have been bush league THIS Sunday too, right? Right.
17. Don’t you think Jon Ogden would have told the Ravens by now if he planned on retiring? 
18. With all the Brett Favre talk from last week, I finally compiled my own list of all-time QB’s that I saw. He wound up #6 on my list. I’m sure he’s thrilled about that.
19. A little known fact: In 2001, Barry Bonds went 396 consecutive at-bats without swinging and missing at two consecutive pitches.