19 points to ponder…

July 21, 2008 | Drew Forrester

1. These guys who can’t run the bases crack-me-friggin’-up.  How many games have the O’s tossed away this year because they look like little leaguers on the basepaths?  As Gene Hackman said over and over at the end of The Birdcage — “I don’t understand”…

2. Jason Taylor to the Redskins makes complete sense to me.  He should fit right in there.  He’s never won anything in his career.  But he looks good.

3. Maybe because it was Padraig Harrington.  Or maybe because it was the British Open.  Or maybe because it wasn’t Tiger who did it.  Whatever the reason, I don’t think Harrington is getting the respect he deserves for his play.  “Paddy’s” +3 total at Royal Birkdale in 2008 should go down as one of the greatest four-day performances in a major championship in modern golf history. 

4.  My Cy Young pick at the beginning of the year – Justin Verlander – is looking a lot like Cy Young these days.  In his last 12 starts, JV has given up 24 earned runs.  Daniel Cabera gave up that many on Saturday night.

5. Is it me or is there less coverage and/or exposure for NASCAR these days?  I don’t know…it seems like NASCAR was everywhere a few years back and now I don’t see or hear as much about it. 

6. The first big story of the John Harbaugh era is how he’ll deal with the “heat alert” that is likely to be in place during the early part of this week.  Will Harbaugh make the players “sweat it out” or will he cut practices short with the heat index nearing 100 degrees?

7. The Orioles have a great promotion going on this week to celebrate the 1983 World Series team.  Unfortunately, I’m not at liberty to disclose the details of the promotion, as I continue to follow the pre-season edict set forth by Greg Bader (O’s Communications Director) who said to me, “in fact, we’d prefer that WNST not even mention the Orioles anymore…” – Side note:  I wonder how that would have gone over in 1984 if I would have called Vince Bagli, Bob Maisel or John Buren and instructed them to “not talk about the Blast anymore…”?

8. John from Highlandtown called the show today and talked about “Madden ’08”.  I’ve never played a Madden video game.  True story.  The last great video game I played was Asteroids.

9. Joe Flacco is about to find out how seriously Baltimoreans take their football.  Wait until he misses a wide-open Mark Clayton in Tuesday’s first practice session in Westminster.  Someone will yell out, “Come on Flacco, you bum, you have to make that throw!”

10. Don’t look now, but Mike Mussina has 12 wins (with roughly 14 starts remaining) on the year.  Ken Davidoff of Newsday was on the show last Friday and said Mussina is leaning towards returning next year based on his success in ’08.  I’ll say it again: If Mussina winds up in the 280-win range (he’s at 262), you’d have to give him serious Hall of Fame consideration.

11. Who MIGHT be this year’s New York Giants of ’07?  I had Jason Cole of Yahoo! Sports on the show this morning and he says it could be the Tennessee Titans.  I think it might be the New Orleans Saints.

12. I played Bulle Rock a couple of weeks ago (it’s in GREAT shape, by the way) and I’m telling you, the 9th and 18th holes are among the toughest holes in all of Maryland (from the back tees). Come to think of it, #11’s no walk in the park either.  Neither is #5.  Neither is #13.  No course in Maryland has five tougher holes. 

13. OK, so maybe I was wrong about C.C. Sabathia going to Milwaukee and not having an impact.  The dude’s 3-0 with two complete games so far.  Last year I signed up for that “pee your pants if the Brewers make the playoffs” promotion, but my pants stayed dry when Milwaukee crumbled down the stretch.  I’d like to see them in the playoffs this year.  They’d be my favorite team in the post-season if they make it (and I didn’t sign up to pee my pants this time around).

14. Why don’t the A’s just trade away their whole team and use their AAA roster to finish the season?  I’ve never seen a team compile a roster full of good young players – mostly pitchers – and then trade them all away.  Except for Oakland, that is.

15. I’m ESPY-ed out.

16. Anyone notice that Erik Bedard is now out until August?  Odds are he’s done for the year (if you know anything about Bedard, that is).  Boy, what an imposter that cat turned out to be, huh?

17. Ray Lewis vs. Jim Palmer is going to be one helluva 3rd round match-up in our Toyota Live Web King of Baltimore Sports Tournament.  Of course, because I think Palmer SHOULD win the whole thing, I’ll be voting for #22, not #52.

18. Anthony Kim sniffed around at The British Open and will be a threat at the PGA Championship at Oakland Hills next month.  Trust me, that kid’s going to be a rock star on the PGA Tour.

19. Football season is here.  Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh…