19 points to ponder on ‘bye week’ Monday

September 15, 2008 | Drew Forrester

Trying to get an expedited version of “19 points” out while I’m doing the show this morning. Let’s just get to it:

1. Where are all the “Ralph-bashers” now? I guess the haters will say “the players played well” — but had the Terps lost, it would have been “fire the coach”. Typical.

2. Don’t look now but the Brewers are choking.

3. Give the Bengals two more losses to start the season and those cats (no pun intended) will pack it in for the season.

4. The Buffalo Bills are for real.

5. If Southern Cal played the Miami Dolphins, would the ‘Fins cover the +5.5 points they’d be getting?

6. Cliff Lee of the Indians is 22-2. His e.r.a. is 2.36. No one is talking about it, but it’s one of the best pitching years in modern baseball history.

7. A friend of mine has a phrase that he uses anytime I beat him in golf – “better to be lucky than good looking…” Well, the Redskins proved that theory true again on Sunday in their win over New Orleans.

8. If I were running the O’s – I’d pass on Mark Teixeira if it meant I could sign Derek Lowe, A.J. Burnett and a decent shortstop in the off-season.

9. I like what I’m hearing from the U.S. players as the Ryder Cup approaches. They clearly have their “PR hats on” and they’re saying all the right things. Maybe they understand that from top to bottom, the Europeans are stronger. However…I’m starting to think maybe the red, white and blue wind up winning (and up to now, I’ve been picking the Europeans). I’ll make an “official” pick later this week.

10. It’s nearly official unless they outright fib in the final homestand of the season – the O’s will NOT reach 2 million fans at OPACY this season. Somehow, I’m sure, it’s WNST’s fault.

11. If you’re a local college hoops fan, circle the date of December 3rd. Towson will travel across town to the RAC Arena to take on UMBC. Baltimore basketball needs these kinds of games and the RAC will be packed that night.

12. Next Sunday’s marquee game in the NFL is in Philadelphia where Ravens fans will be rooting for the Eagles to knock off the dreaded Steelers. I’ll go with Philly to win, 20-10.

13. You wanna see a terrific pitching campaign? Go to baseballreference.com and look at the game-by-game log from Tim Lincecum of the Giants. He’s 17-3 with a 2.43 e.r.a. – sorry Brandon Webb, Lincecum is the NL Cy Young winner.

14. Is the NASCAR season still going on? I’m telling you, something’s happened with “the good ol’ boys” over the last few years. They’ve lost their luster.

15. When did Braylon Edwards buy those alligator arms he showed in last night’s Cleveland/Pittsburgh game?

16. Ravens 24 – Browns 10.

17. Some guy named Matt Cassell beat Brett Favre yesterday. Only in the NFL…

18. I hope Marvin Lewis has a good real estate agent.

19. Could the Arizona Cardinals be for real? We’ll see this weekend. If they can’t beat the Redskins, they’re just the same old Cards.