Some Baseball Thoughts

October 20, 2010 | John West

Random Baseball Thoughts….

Is it me, or do you also notice how pitching has started to dominate baseball several years after stringent PED testing were put in place?  Stringent in that the first offense is missing 50 games. Really?? You noticed that too.

It has gotten to the point where 4 really good pitchers, Matt Cain, CC Sabathia, Roy Oswalt and Andy Petite are all completely looked over in what has become the post-season of the big 3 pitchers. Roy Halladay, Tim Lincecum, and Cliff Lee are each putting up historic post-season pitching performances.

My wife has been forced to become a casual baseball fan over the years. Sorry sweetie. In that context, she has seen both Roy Halladay and Cliff Lee pitch and is familiar enough with each……they are both really good. However, she just saw Tim Lincecum pitch and she loves that kid. “When will he start shaving?” “How old is he?” “Has he really won the ‘best pitcher of the year award thingie’ 2 times in a row?” “Is that what he sounds like?” “Where is his surf board?” I think she has a crush on this kid. It’s a real good thing I know he will never be an Oriole.

Other thoughts…

I read Camden Chat a lot. They are doing an excellent job this off-season reviewing the Orioles options and looking at what they may do. In that context, they posted an interview done with Jim Callis of Baseball Prospectus. You cannot get more of a respected baseball insider when it comes to evaluating a teams farm system than Jim Callis. He is like Mel Kiper, and I cannot give a higher compliment.

Jim Callis is reporting that the Oriole farm system has very few top level talent in it right now. The promotion of Matt Weiters, Brian Matuz, and Jake Arrieta have hurt our farm system. Also, Brandon Snyder, Josh Bell, and Chris Tillman are all coming off of years that set them back a bit. Jim than went over some other talent in the Oriole farm system, and was generally not impressed.

OK, that’s where I usually stop. But my wife has started to get me reading the comments section of articles. This is where it goes from well respected, nationally recognized MLB talent evaluator to Orange cool-aid drinker. These people write in stuff and just kill Jim Callis for criticizing the Oriole farm system and not rating it higher. I know this town has a lot of people who can only see the positives with the Orioles, but I thought that they at least would respect the MOST respected voice on minor league baseball. My bad.