1988 Orioles vs 2010 Orioles

July 22, 2010 |

Baltimore sports fans cannot wait for football season. That sentence is a huge understatement. We watch the Orioles games (some of us do at least), hoping that they can put together some wins to avoid being the worst Orioles team of all time, or at the very least simply not losing 100 games in a season.  Many fans have already drawn comparisons to the 1988 Orioles, but is it really a fair analogy?  Let’s compare the 1988 Orioles season to the 2010 Orioles.

At this point in the season the 1988 Orioles were 30-64, while the 2010 Orioles are 29-63. The shocking thing is that neither of these teams were predicted to be so bad. Now don’t get me wrong;  neither team was expected to be very good, but they were not supposed to be the worst Orioles team ever. The 1988 team had some stars such as Cal Ripken, Brady Anderson, Mickey Tettleton and Eddie Murray. The 2010 Orioles are also believed to have some players that could be all stars for a long time to come; Adam Jones, Nick Markakis, Brian Matusz and Matt Wieters.

Both teams were not good, yet had some stars on them and while I am not entirely sure about the 1988 Orioles (considering I wasn’t even born yet)  but when watching these 2010 Orioles it looks like sometimes they don’t even want to win. They want the season to be over as much as the fans do. I’m sure they want the season to be over too, but at least humor us, please!! Even if they can’t complete a comeback, let’s get an eighth or ninth inning rally going, lets make it an interesting game. Let’s at least treat the game as an audition for a job for the 2011 season!! Something else I would like to see, even though its probably asking too much of them is to lets grab a lead early, AND NOT LOSE IT. Let’s dominate a team and prove we still can be decent at times.

The bottom line is that baseball just like football, basketball and other sports are not played on paper. The one thing that does not show up on paper is heart and determination. The 2010 Orioles should want to play better, simply so they won’t be remembered for the wrong reasons. After the season is over we can finish evaluating the similarities and differences between the two and see who was truly worse.

My Prediction is the Orioles will finish the season 59- 103. Last in the AL East but second to last in the MLB.