2008 Orioles: Please Pass the Pepto

March 24, 2008 |

Okay. So all of us know that the Orioles have has a losing record for 10 years now. The joke is on us. Everyone knows that the best seats in the house at Camden Yards this year will be in the bleachers- cause there will be a lot of ball hit in the left field stand and centerfield bleachers this year. This years group looks like the Cleveland Indians from the “Major League” movies. I feel like the fan in the movie that says “who are these (expletive) guys?” Where’s Harry Doyle (Bob Ueker) when you need him? Harry- pass that bottle of whatever you are drinking this way….

Vegas has picked the Orioles to win 65 games this year– the worst in baseball. Vegas also has the Orioles at a 150-1 shot–to win the DIVISION. Don’t waste your money on this one. There is one scary fact this year– the TAMPA BAY RAYS might finish in front of the O’s (or “WOES” –which ever you prefer) for the first time EVER. Since the Rays joined the American League- they have finished in the basement every year– looking up at the big boys. Tampa has had a minor league roster every year. Baltimore may be the new Tampa Bays Rays. Now- let’s look at some of the “new” Bad News Bears– otherwise known as the Baltimore Orioles:

*Outfielders: Adam Jones, Tike Redman, Luke Scott. Maybe Luke Skywalker might have been a better choice.

* Infielders: Luis Hernandez, Scott Moore, Guillermo Hernandez (catcher). Ummm….Guillermo who???

* Pitchers:

– Matt Albers- Left field stands- watch out….

– Greg Aquino-Right field stands- bring your glove….

– Rander Bierd- Wild Thing- you make my heart sing….

– Troy Patton- I was hoping for General Patton…..

– George Sherrill- Read Nestor’s blog about this guy….

– Dennis Safarte- there is an odor in the ballpark when this guy takes the hill. It’s hidden in his last name….

– Rocky Cherry- Did we purchase him from Ben & Jerry’s?

Good luck to the guys in Orange and Black this year. I’ll be sipping on my Pepto all year.

When’s football start again?? 🙂