2009 NFL Predictions

September 13, 2009 | Paul Hoke

Ok, a little late, but as promised, here is my 2009 National Football League predictions…please don’t bet on them, as I suck at this.

AFC Division Champions:

AFC East: New England
AFC North: Baltimore
AFC South: Tennessee
AFC West: San Diego

AFC Wildcards: Pittsburgh, Houston

AFC Champions: New England

NFC Division Champions:

NFC East: Philadelphia
NFC North: Minnesota
NFC South: Carolina
NFC West: Seattle (Amanda, you better be right 🙂 )

NFC Wildcards: Green Bay, New York

NFC Champions: Minnesota

Super Bowl Champion: New England

Please note that I hated to pick the Patriots to win it all, but I have to be honest. If Tom Brady is healthy, there is no better QB in the league. And as a student of history, I’ve learned not to bet against him. The Pats look like the best team in the league this year. But I do think my beloved Ravens will take them to the wire in AFC Championship Game. But until then, our ravens face the Kansas City Chiefs tomorrow afternoon, and let us all rejoice!!!! Football season is here. We can finally be proud to be Baltimoreans once again.

Go Ravens!